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Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 Has Only 2 Days Left

Still haven't made any New Year Resolution for 2017. Yesterday I did remember to take my camera to take some photos of Deep Creek Loop. My client Liz down by creek.
So I thought I would post some photo among today posting.

 Breakfast....sausage, eggs, and potatoes.
Dinner...pork chops, green salad, and Mac Cheese.
Naughty food...Cookies (3) and candy bar.

Regis my other client been using our local cable company. Never missed a payment he been with them around 10 years.
The channel what he and other was to get in the packages, wasn't available. Charging full fare.
Usual satellite and cable television usual offers three size package. Small, medium, and large for a certain amount.
Well Regis wasn't getting what he was paying for. So he been asking if he could pay only part of the bill until they could resolve the problem. So over the time they had no trouble with this arrangement.
Today it became some what ugly.
He gave them the money for part of his cable plan. And lady told him that he owed $60 for back bill. He said I been calling about the channels I'm not getting.
They been telling everyone that they need to line up some receiver to the satellite. This excusses been going for months.
So there going to turn off his cable.
This is what bother me about whole thing. Regis said maybe you should call the police. Editor Note...The location of this business the sheriff department would handle it.
That once the sheriff came they would take the cable company because they have money.

Been spending a little time on tread mill. Which help me with my anxiety. The items I worry about there nothing I can do about it.
General what I'm affraid of what my emotional state my become.

Murphy did some snow removal and went to the dump today. Not sure if he brought any fire wood.

Still doing Daisy go fund me account. There is a link on  right hand side called "Daisy Teeth Cleaning"

Stop in at my friend Alice to see if she still interested in the quilting class in Troy. She said she was. It would be nice to find anther person to go. Split the gas three ways and each of us would pay $4.00 for the gas.
Or if it just Alice and I it will be $6.00 each. Still not bad.
But with Trump becoming President and world events things could get crazy.

Coffee is on



  1. I hope you can find a third person for the quilting club and I hope Regis gets something sorted with the cable company. They shouldn't offer package deals if they can't deliver the goods.

  2. Weel, that is proper snow. Three hours short of midnight here on the 31st, happy 2017 to you.

  3. Only about 26 percent of the population bothers to make New Year Resolutions. Don't bother, it will just be something else to stress about.

  4. Hari OM
    Brrrrr that looks cold. It's cold here, but at least no white stuff. Very wet though. Here's to 2017 and the hope that the kinks of life get ironed out! Wishing you all the best. YAMxx

  5. Happy New Year from Poland

  6. Ah, cable woes. I know two different people who have been battling a cable company since the summer to get bills resolved. Could Regis "cut the cord" and stream it all online? Cable companies think they have a monopoly, which is why so many people have given up on them. There are alternatives.


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