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Sunday, November 20, 2016

They're Both Guilty

Both of my parents as one of there methods of punishment for me was to shame me usual by some type of embarrassment.
Confession time...I still have some issue about how they went about belittling me. I've came along ways.
Usual only time my mother Myra did when I got privileges taken away. If any one showed up and some privileges was taken. I would have to tell them, how long and why I had privilege taken away.
It always seem like people came out of the wood work
Even one time I was young and stupid. That Friday evening my privileges was going to be lift. Someone knock on our door, and it was some friend of mine.
I thought my mom was in the basement. Instead of telling the truth. So I told my friend this..."The old bitch ground me for no dam reason"....well she was in hearing distance. What happen I had privilege taken away for the weekend.
As for my dad Pete the way he treat me mental and emotional had more of toll on me. He would make sure I was in hearing distant and to anyone who would listen just belittle me some thing horrible.
No need to go into all the times he did it.
Even to my his wife or my mom, he would say things to her. Remember I was in hearing distance...."Your dam daughter is such juvenile hoodlum"...Then if I wasn't in hearing distance. When he spoke of me to others I practical walk on water.
Confession time...Because of this I have some self esteem issue....But what gets to me when people say..."Oh Pete didn't have mean bone in his body, and he did made a good living" 

Murphy plans to do some burning tomorrow, and one of the things he will be burning is paper that we don't need floating about.
Then general cleaning.

Yesterday was a day I couldn't fine what I needed. Question time...Have you every said or thought...I'll put this in a place I will remember.
3 things I couldn't fine is the safety pins, yarn needles, and reading glasses.

Breakfast...fried potatoes and parsnips, with egg, and sausage patty.
Lunch,,,Burrito and one thing I like is a banana in mine.
Dinner...we're going to SECOND ANNUAL COMMUNITY THANKSGIVING DINNER But I decided I won't have any potatoes, rolls, or pie. But I will have a few cookies.

Almost got all the greens strips cut for the rag rug. Tying them sure makes it go faster. I don't see how they be would be any difference between sewing and tying.
Basically when I'm crochet the fabric will be gathered.
Still working on the rug canvas. Since this is first time doing one with a design. I'm not sure where on canvas I need to start and end at.

Coffee is on


  1. Sorry your folks weren't good parents. My dad was average I guess, my mom didn't seem to know I was there most of the time, unless I had to cook, wash clothes, babysit etc.

    LOL, I can't find my bifocals or my knitting needles. I'd like to find them, the glasses I'm reading with are scratched.

  2. That is quite cruel behaviour by your parents. Now, much of society has gone the opposite way, too much praise for children who can do no wrong.

  3. Yes, I'll put something in a drawer with the intention of being able to find it again, but then when I need it... It's gremlins. That's what it is.

  4. Sorry to hear about your parents, mental abuse is just as bad as physical abuse. After mum left us and took my siblings, dad just ignored me most of the time. He wasn't mean or abusive, just didn't know what to do with me, so I was left alone a lot, got myself off to school. We did go to the movies on payday nights though, to see the two movie cowboy special.
    I lose things sometimes, I'll put something somewhere safe and then forget where, but it usually turns up when I'm looking for something else.

  5. though i feel sorry that you were little unlucky about parents but still i am sure that are a strong positive personality who is trying to make her life wonderful and meaningful.


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