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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Five Days With Out Politics Here.

I surely hope I won't bring up to much political. I doubt I change any minds out there. Well I did my civil duties. The one I real want was BERNIE SANDERS.

So I thought I would look though my comments and post a little more on them, my thoughts. It would be good time to ask if any one has any question for me.

First comment...I hope yours pains subside soon, sciatica is not much fun....and that was from CHERIES PLACE....and yes my sciatica is doing much better. Not sure if the stretches or medication is helping but maybe a both. I've never been much on taking pills so I'm cutting back slowly.

Second comment...people always look so clean, slim and healthy in old pictures. it must be all the hard work they did....and that was from POND....I really don't people was all that clean way back when. Actual indoor plumbing and sewer system didn't start until 1850
I have a strong hunch that my Great Grandfather didn't have indoor plumbing but and out house. They might of had a hand pump in kitchen.
We don't have a sewer line where we live. We're on SEPTIC SYSTEM
I've done plenty of Genealogy and there all sort of size people like they are now.

Third comment...Oh Yeah, I'm a smoothie fan too... Been away for a week showing a blog pal from Canada round the Bonny Land - but so glad to get back tonight and cook my own food!!! YAM xx....and that was from YAM...I do like smoothie and I actual can get quite creative with them. But the clean up after is the only grip I have them. I do like seeing photo of your area. Mostly form the locals. Here I'm telling or asking people for local photos and I don't post enough of them.

Now for my day. Work and both clients doing fine. Took Regis around town so he could pay his bills. I went and was only going to window shop. But ended up buying two items at Larson. A outfit and doll for my grand daughter Claudia. Let just say it cost me half of what it would at our new shopko. 
One of our friends need some pectin to do jellies and it was $2.00 more there, then any other place in town. 
Later in the afternoon I went down to Liz. and she was jack to find out I know how to play CRIBBAGE. So we played and it been 8 years or so since I played.

Eating went ok. Except for the nibbles of candy and a few cookies.
Breakfast which i wasn't overly impressed with. But hubby was cooking it. 2 eggs, and some type of steak which was just to much, and two slice of toast.
Didn't eat it all.
I pack my lunch but ended up eating at home. Liz had her social worker there early afternoon. Actual I feel they need the social and therapist more then me. Statement time...I sure hope I do actual make a different in there lives.
Now for my lunch peanut butter sandwich and put on fresh strawberries.on it, banana and yogurt.
Dinner Murphy made ground beef patty, bake potato, and nice green salad.
For after dinner a few black berries.

As I work Murphy pretty much took care of the house. When I came home dishes was done. And he been raking leaves. 

Before I went to work and between client I played a little farmville.usual it can't get me into any trouble. I have to say I like the music. Anyhow I like the sound of banjo.

                                                                                                    Coffee is on. 


  1. Cribbage, great game for everyone. DH and I used to play that a lot. He skunked me plenty! LOL!
    I never went to Farmville - I would never leave it alone, I'm sure. I barely get by on my GB allowance as it is.

  2. We call jelly, jam. To make it at home still needs pectin. "Some type of steak", haha. I guess not the best cut. Even going back to grandfather, he only had a bath once a week, and a very shallow one. He did not want to waste water even though there was plenty of it. My mother made us bathe every day, but sometimes I would just sit on the edge of the bath and splash the water around. Once I reached my teenage years, I realised a bath every day was a good thing. Now, I almost always only shower unless I feel like a play with the rubber duck.

  3. coffee sounded good, But US politics...I think they should be ashamed of themselves.

  4. Yes, I'm avoiding the politics as much as I can. But all the commercials... In California, we have a bunch of propositions on the ballot, and one set of commercials was all commercials for the props. It's insane.

  5. Well, Bernie Sanders is now with Hillary. So I hope his supporters will be too!


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