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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Eight Could Be The Difference

Yesterday was one of my Thanksgiving dinner. Now to best of my knowledge I'm though the half way point, of having a Thanksgiving meal
15 was there and 3 dogs.
I believe my sister in law is leave Wednesday. Two of her Grandchildren will be staying in place.
I was wonder what was going on for Christmas eve. So we have Christmas eve at my sister in law. Her places is big enough.
Well we're have it there. At this point we're planning to go over on Christmas eve for pizza and oyster stew. But if there to much tension or under lining trouble, we're staying way.
But Christmas season is a still a little ways off.
Did real well keeping my portion under control at both meals. And weight my self and no change in weight.
So if we end up not going over at my end law we will not have to purchase 8 gifts.
Not sure how well you can see the wild turkeys. We got I believe is two flocks but sometime they will get together. Then other time not.
Wonder if they know it holiday time us American consumes Turkeys, maybe they should be hiding in brush and Forest.

So today fruit been pomegranate fruit. They been on sale usual around holiday there a better good buy.
Breakfast eggs, toast, sausage patty.
Lunch corn chips and cheese.
Dinner not sure.

Been working on craft. Now I got all the black around where I want it on the coffee coaster. Last one was easiest to do. I guess experience counts.
One I add different color of fabric. Not at this point I'm to crazy about it. But who know it might improve once I do the edge. I can tell you I'm not pulling out any fabric.
The big one I still need to do the edging and tuck the loose ends.
Not long ago I went over to Alice and was showing her how to do locker hook. But still need to go over and show her how to nip tuck.

As I said above not sure what going on for Christmas. But I thought I better start cutting out fabric strips for the rag rug. Which I'll take to the family exchange. Not sure what Murphy will bring.
Got a sack of green, which will go after the starting brown.
And all the brown colors are cut and attach.

This is my last color of green. But I'll be using this color almost toward the end of it.

Work next week. Liz want to go hunting. I'll take the MOON PHASE to her and we could possible figure out when to go hunting.
Murphy change our shower head.
Not much done around just putter about doing small chores. I clean off our coffee table. So we can put out the snow people.

Coffee is on


  1. I love the turkey photo. They need to flee.

  2. Ah, the holidays. I still have no idea what I'm doing. I could ask the family, but that would mean I would have to call them. And that's not happening.

  3. I wondered what those birds were in the photo. I didn't recognise them as turkeys.
    I'm not looking forward to Christmas, each year the family gets bigger and my budget smaller. Thankfully only the youngest member is young enough to expect a gift and I have already bought one for him. But I still have to buy Christmas cards, I started buying a month ago when they first appeared in the stores here, but still have seven to buy and four of those need to be posted in time to get there before Christmas.

  4. Nice picture of the turkeys. We seldom see them here.
    No idea what we will do about Christmas. My youngest will be flying in, but other than that I have no clue.


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