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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Changes Might Be Coming

Hopeful I can slow down a bit on politics and the election.... But one thing I don't need to know is how the up coming administration of President Elect Trump will do.
What kind of changes have you start?
What kind of changes do you plan in future?

I've might made changes all though my life some by my own doing. Others ones my world was forcing me to change. Some time for best and not.
The only change I have made is, that possible they might be change. But no action have been taken.

Can you believe at one time my hubby and I live on $300 a month. But no need to go in to that.

Only heard rumors what Trump might cut back. But usual it things that my in home client might use.
So my hours might be cut.
I won't even guess on this one. But back of my head I'm sort of figuring out how to tighten wallet up a bit.
But we will make it. Because I ain't going to stress out. I've seen people put a lot of energy in stress out over stuff.
To me the time they came un-glued...The problem could be taken care of.

My mother did this, and my hubby does this but he doesn't do it as often.

Confession time...My father un-glued emotional angry or what ever you want to call it...Was harder to handle.

Paid 2 bills last week. My water of $41.00 and my electric $66.06. Talking about electric our Electric company is giving some neat items to help cut your energy cost. Two share head, power strip, and some led lights.
They had such a large request for this. It will take 3 to 6 weeks.

As we where in Oregon. The deer decided to tare down our fence that was protecting our Strawberries. And ate them right down.
So Murphy place some leaves on the plants, cover with netting, and stick to hold it in place.
Sure hope it survives though the winter.

Read my tarot cards. Trying to find the correct word I want to use...Balance...Sure it could be a lot worst.
My car been having idling issue. But there is a slight issue with my pass gear sensor. But it has a way to go before it goes out. But when it goes it will still be drivable.
And check in on how thing are going. Confession time...Some time I get discourge or loose faith on my hopes dreams, and goals.


Got some more strips cut for my rag rug. Well over half done on green fabric.
Plus black strips for the coffee coaster I been working on.

So I went to the Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, up at the Assembly of God Church. Went with my client, and had a lovely dinner.
The strange thing I was going to remember the brand name of table and chair I sat at during the dinner. I don't recall. And reason I want to recall is I was going to look them up. They would been perfect in a ceramic studio.

My cut back was no Mash potatoes. And one piece of pie. I did watch my portion size.
Later on we will have Thanksgiving lunch at my in-law.

Coffee is on


  1. I'm sure there will be some changes, there always is with the changing of the guard.
    If we don't end up bombed, I'd say we were doing well.

  2. It's anxious times Dora, for the world and more immediately for the US. Hopefully there will be many advisors to keep your new President elect in check, or it could be that he's full of hot air ☺ Take care.

  3. Hari OM
    What is disturbing is, as PDP says above, the result in US affects the globe. We all are holding our breath... but I agree with you; no point to fret or panic. He'll find being in office of this nature is entirely different from running real estate. Unless he plans to be a dictator. Whole other gambit...

    Keep doing what you do because you do it well Dora - the hearts cards, the intuitive priestess card and the Q of wands. The thing to beware is your own overthinking and second-guessing of yourself and situations (Princess and 2 swords). You have a strong ability to 'go with the flow' (Magician) - recognising the difference between ideals and dreams is important to your progress (Fool); convert your dreams into ideals to be lived is trans-formative and can bring very positive change (6 swords). Solid and empowering reading! YAM xx

  4. I cut back my portions yesterday too, only two baked chicken wings for dinner with a plate of salad, then only half a bowl of icecream for dessert. No late night snacks.
    I'm surprised at your electric bill, only $66? How long is that for ? One month? three months?
    Here in South Australia we have the highest electricity costs in the world and the bills come quarterly, that is four bills a year. My winter bill, for July, August, September was $759 which is $253 for one month. Summer bill is always cheaper. Last one was $276 for the whole summer which is only $89 for a month. But this is for a small one bedroom flat, people with a whole house can pay much, much more. I have a friend who pays nearly double my winter bill,in the summer time! because of more rooms and more people with TVs and other electrical devices.

  5. Balance is a good word. Something to strive for.


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