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Friday, November 04, 2016

A Tuck, Snip, and Tat Here

Each day my hip is doing better. But there moment it hurt like hell. Not even sure how hell really would be. Last night it start to hurt and it even woke me up. I believe tommow I'll cut back again. Still doing my morning stretches.
Eating went well.
Hopeful what I just finish will be my last thing I ate. A slice of bread with peanut butter, so I could take my last little bit of Tynoal.
Dinner...Chicken thigh, rice, boiled zucchini with garlic, and carrot.
Lunch....now I have to think a minute. biscuits with cheese, and slice of bread with peanut butter and raspberries on top.
Breakfast a biscuit and gravy.
Yes and I had to get in to Candy at Liz.

As far as the dog is concern my day is to toss the ball for her. I came home from work and sit down to dinner. Daisy wait patience for me. Well I want the food to settle a bit, watch the news.
Nicely told her I would toss her toy four times. Even told her it was dark out side but that didn't make any different.

My friend LaWalla stop over before I went down to Liz. To show me what she been doing on her Quilt. Maybe there more to quilting then I thought. Maybe I should take a class from MOOSE COUNTRY QUILTS. She located between here and Sandpoint. She was sit up at our local quilt show here. And I saw on one her news letter she was offering a beginner quilt class. It depends on cost and the weather. The snow tends to drift out there.

I thought this would be as good place to place this....General Nice....But isn't afraid to take casualty.

Pretty much got my first locker hook project done. It a hot pot trivet. Still need to finish off the back.
Every thought something would be hard but it wasn't. Well doing a basic blanket stitch to close off the edge was all that hard.
Still some trimming on backside. Usual on first piece there always room for improvements. When ting the fabrics I should of pulled my knot tighter. So there smaller loose ends that I will need to tact down. But the longer piece I believe I can work back though and then either tie it or tact it down.


Remember yesterday I said I went shopping at Larson. The doll I got there and the jack n box came out of thrift store. If the items look new I will purchase something from thrift store and give it as a gift.  I've even re-gift also.

This is Claudia she almost 7 months old. If every thing works out we will be going and having Thanksgiving with my son Bart in-law and see Miss Claudia.

Coffee is on


  1. Miss Claudia is a cutie, such a happy face.
    The pot trivet looks pretty good.

  2. Your locker hook project looks fairly straight forward. Is probably fun.
    There are lots of good things to be had at a good thrift store. I know I have donated many new with tag items that were too late to exchange.
    Your granddaughter is a darling, what a smile!

  3. yous sofa looks like one I had long ago :)

  4. Insert photo of your dog and a lovely granddaughter, and everyone will smile and be happy.

  5. Hari OM
    I like the look of the hook project and always happy to see pets and mini-peeps! Oh yes, I like clever thrift buys and have no trouble re-gifting... as long as I am certain it's not going back where it came from!!! YAM xx

  6. daisy looks great but claudia looks super great.


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