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Monday, September 19, 2016

Though Other Eyes

I can't say I've gave complete up on the dish cloth. It so wompy sided. If wompy is a word. But I don't care.
It going to be used on our dishes.

Recall and I bet you won't I been slowly reading a self help book on "Getting what you want" I have to wonder if any of these people every had to go out and make a living so they can pay for such things as electricity.
As many you know some day I would like to re-open my ceramic shop. But I can't until I get 60 years old.
Which will be only part time for shop.
It look like I will be able be open to public something like 12 hours a week, and still work in home care field 12 to 16 hours a week. Life can be so disappointing.

The reason is I don't have much into our social security.  I stay home as a home maker and have a lot of blank years, nothing paid in.
If I got hurt and ended up on disability I would get something like $300 a month. I know I could qualify for a little bit of SUPPLEMENT INCOME. But it would be less then $100 simple because they would count my hubby social security. The last figure I heard a couple income that SSI (Supplement income) would bring us up to $1,300 and something a month.
And I don't qualify for disability.
If I don't pay more into social security the retirement picture sort of look like this.
62 I would get about $285, 67 receive get about $540, and at 70 my old age check would be $768.
What I'm trying to find out if I could draw spousal benefit, not widows.
Well what was wondering if I could draw spousal benefit off my hubby and still work and pay into my account.

Well every so often I get people to ask me when I'll be opening a shop. As much as I don't like it I have to live in the real world and pay those monthly bills.
I have to explain it to those who ask. At this time in my life I have to bring in a guarantee income and ceramic shop isn't something that one can depend on.
I would guess my monthly income from the shop would look like $300 to $600 a month clear, and that would be only on a part time bases. Maybe a little better full time but not much.
But it makes me a little sad seeing my 2,000 ceramic molds, casting table, and kiln not being used.

Well I went in and had a retake of my boob actual the right one. It was some type of I believe the term they use was calcium cyst. They want me to come back in 6 months and see what happen to it.
.I've been helping a friend with her web site. And been having trouble use the web host who she picked out.
Question time...Does any one know a good web hosting site?
I mange to walk around our hospital today.

Coffee is on


  1. Is there any way to start a part-time ceramic shop now? I know, you said the money thing. But, if you could find a way to get it going, how much time could you put into it a week? How much would the start up be? Do you have all that figured out already? If so, go ahead and ignore this.

  2. Sorry. I wish I knew a good site, but the only one off the top of my head is Go-Daddy. If you feel comfortable throwing it together, you could always make one with Wordpress.

  3. I feel I can't ever retire, and will work till the day I drop dead... the UK is meant to have a good benefits system but it looks to me like its #used# by people clever enough to work round the system, claim disability and there is nothing wrong with half of them. .... and I understand the frustration of not being able to earn a living doing what you like to do. I feel like a good old moan today so will stop now before I go on and on and on...

  4. I don't know anything about the social security system over there, so I can't give any advice. It does seem like a very harsh system, with very little money to live on. I don't know anything about web hosting sites either.

  5. Wonky is not a bad word, but I quite like wompy. The last thing you would want it to have to pay rent for a shop. Why not markets? Or have you done that already?

  6. Andrew had a good idea there Dora, what about a market stall, the overheads would be much more reasonable and so many people love the markets! I hope the doctors know what they're doing re the boob thing, six months is a long time to wait!

  7. It almost looks as if you are increasing somewhere in your rows as you go. It's a dishcloth, what does it matter?

    Spousal Social Security - when your husband reaches regular retirement age, you qualify for one half the amount of his SS check, IF you have been married over 10 years and you are retirement age. That's all I have been able to glean. I do not qualify for SS, even at my age, because my husband hasn't reached retirement age and I was always the woman behind the man and never worked enough hours to earn it for myself. I could get spousal SS off my ex husband, IF I got a divorce. I hope that helps.

  8. I'm a little concerned about your dr. not wanting to see you for 6 months. I think I'd make an earlier appt.

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