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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Not Quite A Week

It look like it not quite a week since I post anything on my blog. Been busy trying to get the deck done. At time I feel like it would be possible to live long enough to get all the projects done.
I been married a long time over 30 years. Not planning to getting a divorce. But one reason I wouldn't every marry is. I feel I'm up against a brick wall when it comes to choices around the place Confession time...This entire year so far I had very little choice on any project.
My decision today been wash the dishes, laundry, and vacuumed the living room. May not been much of choice but it was my choice.
Statement time...I like making decisions. I rather be around someone who isn't scared or uncomfortble  to make choice, even a bad choice. But a terrible one,  that might be something entirely different.
Being wish wash bothers me.

I finely open my new sewing machine. The covering case at this point makes no sense to me. Been reading though the owners
LaWalla was over she had to take care of some business in Idaho. She lives in Troy Mt and want to order some books and a kitchen gadget though Amazon.
We look at some LOCKER HOOKING . After looking though the PATTERNS and how much fabric it takes. To these pumpkin and I would call it a trivet it takes a total of  55 YARD OF FABRIC. If my math is correct and other supplies.
I can see where this could give a chance to recycle some odds and ends of left over fabric. Or even cut old clothing in to strips.

Looks like mid month in October we're going to fly down to see our oldest Sawyer and his wife Betty  in MEDFORD OREGON for about a four day visit. Since my daughter in law works for HORIZON AIR. We can fly quitte cheap.
Any how I wish I had more opportunity to see my son more then I do.
Liz will be return a few days before I take off.

People talks about having a visit from a lot of well known people such as Virgin Mary, Christ, Elvis, and who ever else.
But little me a hen appear one day on my french toast.
I wonder if reading french toast could be the same of reading tea leaves. Question time...What do you think?

Coffee is on 


  1. That definitely looks like a hen on the French toast!
    I seriously think men get more bossy as they get older, just my opinion and experience.
    People who can't make up their minds or switch from one belief to another drive me nuts. Not into wishy washy either.
    Yes, old pretty clothes make pretty new projects!

  2. My mother lived in Medford for about 2 years. I think it was Medford. Small world.

    Read French toast? Why not. I think it'd be the same principle as reading tea leaves.

  3. I think the hen on your french toast is the chicken-that-might-have-been if the egg had been allowed to hatch.
    The deck is coming along well.

  4. I think your toast cat has a very thin neck.

  5. Definitely a hen on that french toast. I too, am not a fan of wishy washy people. Pick a side, make a decision and stand by it. Right, wrong or indifferent.

  6. That French toast image is amazing! :O

    On a more serious note: I'm not married and don't think I ever will. I love the idea and sentiment of Robert Browning's "Grow old with me, the best is yet to be". But I've never found someone I was absolutely sure I wanted to be together with for a long time. So I'm really in awe of people who have stayed happily and/or contentedly married for decades. :)


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