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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

More Then Two

Recently most of my photos been from our fair. Got a little carried away with the camera. It been comment about the difference in our weather.
There quite a bit of difference between our day and night time temps. Usual 10 to 20 degree drop during the night.
So in the summer you start out with the AC running and before morning your tossing a light blanket.
Then in winter you might add anther blanket.

Went to the doctor for my annual check up. Most everything checked out ok. Got my lecture about my weight and because I tend to hold water. I need to be careful on my salt in take, so they suggest I follow the DASH DIET
I still need to go in for a mammogram and waiting for my pap results.
Question time...Have you every wonder about people with a degree above having a masters? 
In the past the doctor and I talk about me having a BREAST REDUCTION, and it was brought up again.
But usual they consider it plastic surgery and I'm being vain. That only part of the truth. I'm tired of packing these big boobs around.
Statement time...I feel like a freak having these big boobs, depending on the bra I where a G or H cup.
She, my doctor suggest I call up the plastic surgeon and fine out what I need to do head of time so my medical insurance will cover it.
Open enrollment start the first of November.
Don't know how many time I made the statement on my blog that we need one payer medical system. Here in the United States.
No, I'm not looking for a free ride in life.
I'm not that big of bones. If any want to know there bone size click HERE. Well I'm on the upper end of Medium or lower end of big bone. There all sort of weight chart out there. But by this one I should WEIGH 135 to 145 (61 to 65)

Murphy took out most of the corn form our garden. Hung it on barn to dry and the deer help them self to it. During the night.
After the doctor and having coffee with Quenella at Under the Sun.
We worked a bit on the deck off our slider.


  1. I'm fairly sure your insurance will cover a breast reduction. Being front heavy is very hard on your back. Do everything in the order that they want though, with the paperwork, they can be nit picky.
    I was told to do the Dash diet long ago - I didn't like it - you may. I do not use salt - on my food or in our cooking. Where I fall down is the prepackaged foods. They are so salty, some can be unpalatable.

  2. Hari OM
    ...??I'm a PhD - wonder about that??.. I'm also a K cup and my back and shoulders know all about it; was told once that Medicare (Australia) would cover it as it was aggravating the arthritis, but I will not let anyone near my body with any kind of knife! Fresh corn has just started to arrive on our supermarket shelves - it comes from the US - of course!!!

    Re the housing - those tenements in Edin are nowhere near being subsidised; instead you need to mortgage up to your eyeballs. UK has the same issue about not enough affordable housing. Dreadful situation.

    Hope your Thursday is looking fine... YAM xx

  3. A G or H cup? Gosh. I think my boobs are too big and I'm a C, maybe C and a half, but a D cup bra is too big.
    I think SJ Qualls is right, your insurance should cover the breast reduction, in part at least, because the weight of the breasts is a health hazard, causing back problems.

    I think that bone size page must be wrong, I'm only five feet tall and it tells me I have a large frame. I always thought I was more medium. I'm short but the bones are solid and strong, we come from a stocky breed, none of us are narrow in ribs or hips, no wasp waists either. Well, maybe the page is right.
    According to the weight page I should be between 55 and 62 kilos, that's 122-137 pounds, which sounds right. I'm 172 pounds right now, so have to lose 35 pounds.

    Your deck is coming along nicely. Shame the deer got to the corn.

  4. it's always nice having a roof over the deck. great for wiping the dog's feet when it's raining.

  5. I feel your (breast) pain. I'm a cup size I.

  6. Oh dear. Naughty deer. They must have thought they were in heaven.


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