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Monday, September 12, 2016

Loosing Control Could Be Scary

Regis and Liz to me have this strange relationship. At one time they where legally in-laws. But now they consider each other true siblings.
Well they do have a lot incoming.
But Regis in around about way is trying to stop Liz from going to Utah. Not in threatening way. But playing his little games.
Recently he act like he doesn't recall what day of the week. But like today he ask me if I was going to drive him over to see his speech therapy. knowing that Tuesday was tomorrow.
Plus he falls down and crashes into his items. Take my word I been around him enough I know when he putting on an act.
But I understand when he was married to Liz sister. They would put on make up to look like they been in horrible wreak.
Go and park down from the local hospital and enter the emergency room. Then til admitting people that you was in horrible accident, fall directly on the floor.
The staff would just step over them. It just didn't happen once or twice.
In plain and simple there seeking meds.

I guess we're all controling in some way or anthor. I was told by a person who read palms is your have grill like marks on your hand is a sign of a controling person.
But I went to the PSYCHIC LIBRARY and see what they had on this. Someone was WRONG.
After looking at that page on palm reading, mine would be toss up between a square and grill.


  1. I can never figure out the palm reading thing. I look at palms online, but my own palms have so many more wrinkles, it's hard to know which are palm lines and which are just wrinkles from age and working.

  2. I looked at my palms - I found a new line! I didn't know you could gain a line! This puppy is almost from the middle of my wrist to my middle finger. Huh, my something new came early today.

  3. Hari OM
    Lines must never be read in isolation. When strong hatchings are present, other indicators must be present; the explanation given on your link is closest to how I would usually read them - which in a single word could be called as 'neuroses' - but that doesn't mean a person is entirely neurotic because of the hatching being present. It just means they have to work a little harder at getting on with the world. Other lines and hand features will then indicate just how much influence to take from the hatchings. Also, their location; if they are over the outer palm then perhaps some tendency to emotionalism - but if strong over Mount of Mars, for example, then yes, it could be read as someone who seeks to control in order to keep the world upright for themselves. The lines do change as we move through life, this is why it is quite good to get a reading in teenage, again in ones 30s and so on. It is a record of how one has coped!

    I don't envy you having to sort out the fact from the fiction with your clients!!! YAM xx

  4. Thanks for the explanation, Yamini. I've often wondered about those things. I can never figure out my palm when compared to palms in books.

    I find it fascinating that Regis does this. People who don't feel in control of themselves seem to try to control others. It's kind of sad, really.

  5. I could care less what someone else thinks my palms are saying or mean.

  6. People would be better off reading the lines on my face. They'll tell you everything you ever want to know about me! ;) - Good luck with Regis.

  7. i think the secret to reading palms is telling the person what they want hear. that's how you get repeat business.

  8. ... E Rosewater.... Palm reading is about giving the customer what he or she wants... To get repeat business.


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