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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Still We Make Ends Meet

I hear people grumble about living on $40,000 a year. Not sure how that plays out in other place. Well I thought I would be nice and put a exchange link HERE.
Our income is nothing close to that.
Usual our yearly income is between $20,000 and $30,000. And in 2015 my income tax was based on $16,500.
I cover my own social security taxes. So I wrote a check to government for $2,500 in April of 2016
So for this month of July we will take in about $1,907.00.
My husband social security is $774. But they take out $105 for his medicare. So his social security is $669.
So you might as well say we take  in about $1,800 for the month.
The other money came from my pay check which for the month is $510 and we sold our five acres on bench and we getting $425 a month
I try to shut doors, heat of day we close up curtain, have a garden, watch the sale, none of our vehicle is even in this century, and shop at the thrift store.
our cost of monthly living all though I don't pay that every month. Some things our due quarterly, bi-yearly, and yearly.
But we don't need to purchase every thing that comes by. To my best calculation our monthly cost to live is a little over $1,500 a month.
I don't mine living simple. The boards for our deck is from a shed we tore down.
Murphy and I went to Walmart and got some calking, socks, jeans, and believe me our jeans was getting fairly ratty, and you could see my panties.
One thing we need was battery for our pick up which got just under $100.
Question time...Why do people need to consume so much? I think people need to show off. So they want to see as they our keeping up with Jones. And they can't really afford these items.
People might think it cool to see people in there new rig, a boat behind it, and couple of big price toys.
Well I bet usual it bought on borrowed money.

But I will say I'm for raising up our federal minimum wage. If anyone is willing to get up and put in 40 hour works week. Should be able to put food on table, get to work, have shelter, and take care of any basic need one may need or have.
National average for apartment in April of 2016. One bedroom $1,140 and two bedroom is $1,300 a month. You can click to look at your STATE
If someone working a full work week at $7.25 an hour will bring home about $1,115 a month. And that leaves you $25 for what.
I have to say you might be able to get rent assistant and food stamps. But all these programs been cut to bare bones.

Breakfast bacon, egg, and toast
Lunch burrito, and yogurt.
Dinner pork chop, mac and cheese.
Snack hot pocket and couple of piece of chocolate bar

Work went good. Liz was at her brother in law. Every time her phone rings he ask her who it is. Good god my husband never ask me who I'm on the phone with.
Let me say it would drive me nuts. I know after a bit I would have to leave or put the old man in his place.
It look like Liz might be getting anther place. I believe one of apartments is base on income. Which is a 20 to 30% depending on which program.

One thing and there other thing that bothers me and actual is embarrasses for me. Is when my clients ask me to go over and do some shopping.
They give me there snap of food stamp card and want me to pick up items such as candy, ice-cream or basic junk food with no nutritional value.
So I go up to check out stand and I wonder what people who behind me when they see me purchasing junk with the food stamp card.
I know it wouldn't do any good to explain it isn't for me.
But it still does bothers me.

Maybe I will have chance to look at a 2000 Chev Venture. There asking price is $2,600 and it has 135,000 miles on it.
I'm surprise how well having one rig is actual working out.
But there is some draw backs. I go to work with the truck and Murphy is at home all day with out a rig.
And I feel like I'm on tighter time frame when I make a choice to go any place. Although my husband never gives me a time frame.
But I would feet more at easy if we both had a rig.
Confession time...I'm scared that I will become desperate and purchase a vehicle in haste and make a bad choice.
I actual don't start work until noon tomorrow. But before that I have 7 AM dentist appointment. And I had appointment today. For two filling it cost me $140.
Well they should be a good 3 to 4 hours before I head to work. I know Murphy want to put in battery in pick up and hopeful we can a lease call on the van.

So I'm taking both of client to our local pow wow. Hopeful we can keep cool enough during the events.
I miss the one last year, but I believe it was 10 years or better that I went to our local pow wow and total enjoy it.

Coffee is on 


  1. It is a bad situation and it should not be so in one of the richest countries in the world.

  2. It is a bad situation and it should not be so in one of the richest countries in the world.

  3. Living in the city, there are many expenses. Things are much more expensive and we can't grow our own food. What we earn, we spend on the daily necessities and there's not much spare cash left monthly.

  4. It's good to budget and live within your means!

  5. Interesting to see the Indian dance.
    My rent for my flat is based on 25% of total income, I get Social Security twice a month and budget every cent. Including a few dollars for savings, it builds up and then I pay the dentist or by some books I've been wanting. Mostly I just leave it to build up for emergency money. I had to use it recently when my daughter's fridge broke down, I bought her a new one, now I have to start over. I never buy anything on credit. My income is under $20,000.

  6. Hari OM
    My pension is $250/month. Yes, per month. This of course means, that I have to make lots of thrifty decisions and eat into very meager savings. As you say, however, somehow the ends do meet. Most of the time. I think when forced to live on such a budget, creativity comes into the equation and that is often lost by those who do not have to think about all the pennies to the same extent. I do have the great advantage of my home being all paid up. No rent to worry - though the bills keep on coming!!!

    Have been in the position of buying for my clients at times - and like you have had moments wondering what the folks in the queue might be thinking about the choices! YAM xx

  7. I manage okay on 1020 a month.

  8. I've never been to a pow wow, would have loved to.
    Once, we bought a new pick-up, it lasted a few months. Usually we buy the best used vehicle we can afford when we need one. Some didn't last a month, lol! That was when we were younger. It doesn't pay to go into deep debt. It's like digging yourself a hole.
    I don't know about the $15 minimum wage. It would make the $23 that DH makes as a skilled 20 year journeyman feel like a slap in the face. As it is, about half the time (or more) there are no jobs for him. One year, he only worked 4 months. Unemployment barely covers health insurance and it's the law, you have to carry insurance. I think a higher minimum wage would kill the want to be a skilled worker, why bother, if a kid slapping burgers together makes nearly the same and it's steady? I'm just saying ... (He's already had to take a pay cut because of the economy.)

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  10. The pow wow video brings back memories (watched with my husband) of years ago, when we lived in walking distance of the Mid American All Indian center in Wichita and attended a couple of indoor powwows there. I cherish those times. I think, switching subjects, that few in power understand (or care) how many Americans are in similar circumstances to yours. I know a number of my Facebook friends certainly do not. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  11. When you have the money coming in, you find ways to spend it.


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