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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Nothing Complete

I wouldn't say nothing is completed in our life. Well Murphy and I finely got the wood all washed for the deck.
Not sure what we will be doing next, when comes to deck.
One things some wood is pretty.

I been cutting strips for my locker hook project. A good way to use up odds and ends. Did stop at our local thrift store and one yard sale for odds and ends of fabric.
Confession time...I'm having trouble cutting up the bigger chunk of fabric. I can see potential with the fabric.
I can think of plenty of project using a yard or less of fabric, napkin, pincushion, bibs, hot pad, and lot things for the wee ones.
But I bet if you put search in for "fabric project that takes less then yard" I know something will come up....ONE YARD OR LESS. and she still has pretty much up to date BLOG

I thought I had anther dish cloth done. Well it was so loop sided and way big for dishes. So I end up tearing it apart. The amount of yarn I have I should of gotten 2 dish cloth, easily.

I'm going to grumble a little or maybe a lot. Friday I went to work over at Regis and Liz was there. She want a ride home on Saturday. I told both I could be in on Saturday around one and could give hre a ride back to her place.
Well I showed up and no one home. So I double checked my cell to see if I missed a message. No message.
So I called Liz and left a message. Figured her son Cyrus showed up.
It would of been consider of them to call and leave a message. To tell me they had a ride.
But what should I expect. I've told them and couldn't tell you how many time. That I don't get SSI and or SSDI.
Once again I was ask if I was getting my check on the first. Didn't say a word. Actual I get paid the 30th. Murphy get paid this Wednesday.
Only a few bills remain this month. I still owe our long distant carrier $16, Gas $26 and going to pay $110 on credit card, and once my check comes in I'll then pay off the credit card which will be $68.

Yesterday I went to there annual TENT SALE and was going to only spend $30 but I end up getting 6 different colors of fabric, one yard each.
One thing I've never done is quilt and it a project on my bucket list.
But I mention I like to support the mom and pop business when I can. So in while I stop in at A LITTLE COMFORT QUILTING. But this time I won't be getting as much. instead of yard. I'll be getting 3/4 of yard. 3 prints and 3 complimentary  to go with the prints. So total yardage is 4 and half yard. If my math is right.
But before I buy any more fabric I need to get a sewing machine.

Notice one I haven't been keeping a food journal. The thought of posting it and world to see. Seem like I don't place as much food into my mouth.
Dinner was pork ribs, bake potato with ranch dressing, green salad with Italian dressing.

 Yesterday was my first around of WEDNESDAY WORD. I did enjoy doing there writing prompt and consider keeping the story going.
Now I need one 15 year person. Should it be a male or female? and It sexual orientation?
Don't worry the 15 is going to be a decent person, although not perfect.


  1. That is some pretty wood. Cedar?

    Good Grief, how much does 1 yard of fabric cost these days? The last time I bought was in the stone age and I got good bargains at a dollar a yard. Cute prints!

  2. Good idea to space the wood like that. MY NEW BLOG..

  3. Some really pretty fabrics you got there, reminds me of little girl dresses I used to make when my girls were 3-4-5.
    They would be nice as patchwork too.
    Good luck getting a sewing machine.

  4. Hari OM
    I agree with River - those fabrics are smilers!!! I admire patchwork and quilting so much - but never had the patience for it I fear. Good luck with that deck... YAM xx

  5. Love the black fabric with the flip flops. It would make a wonderful pocketbook or tote. I am not a sewer. My Mom was but I didn't inherit that particular gene. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  6. I like the prints that you picked. I am wondering how much does a yard of fabric now a days. It has been years since i had someone make me curtains. I bought the material. They put it together for me.

  7. Are you using scissors or a rotary blade to cut your strips of fabric? Because a rotary blade would make that job go that much more easily.

  8. The wood looks nice and the fabrics are great!


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