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Friday, July 22, 2016

Wednesday Words Meme

Editor note...I thought I would give my hand at playing "Wednesday Words" but I thought I would twist it up a bit, by trying some fiction. Please remember this is a story and that's all it is.

I found this meme and this week words over at DRIFTING THOUGH LIFE and this week word is EXHIBITION, FEELING, BEWITCHING, CAPTIVE, GUSHING, and CANDLE.

This is the day when every one gets there letter of rebirth and growth. It keeps most of the  community of Bogus captive with anxiety.
But those who will be fifteen during the up coming year, and those who will turn one hundred. The letter has a little more, then what you will be earning and paying in.
It actual had bewitching effect on some in Bogus. For those who will know how many offspring and your possible exit from this world.

All day must people in Bogus watch the water gushing down Appleton street. It been raining last few days. Which didn't help the anxiety
Shortly after the lunch hour.
Mail has been delivered. It seem on that day every one went out to there mail boxes less then hour as it was placed in boxes.

That day not much talk about anything, mostly about feeling. Never under stood why no one visit on the day the letter came.
But in four days every one will bring something to community center and to celebrate "Candle Day" and usual people from the area will bring in show off there wares. Usual a group of people will make up an exhibition.
Coffee is on


  1. This is very good. It was easy for me to imagine the gut-wrenching anxiety as people waited for their mail.
    Thank you for joining in.

  2. Hari OM
    Oh my - remind me not to relocate to Bogus!!! YAM xx

  3. Interesting. It's a good exercise to practice writing creatively like this.

  4. This (writing from a prompt) I've only done once, but it is an excellent exercise. Will be interested in knowing if you decide to pursue this theme and write a story about the people of Bogus.

  5. bogus, i wonder who came up with such a cool name?

  6. I write from a list once in a while, sometimes it comes out worthwhile.

  7. It's like waiting for a reply from an editor.

  8. Uh oh. How will it all turn out?


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