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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Come Out Where Every You Are

Notice I tend to hang out with bloggers who doesn't live near IDAHO. So I decide to a blog hunt though google for bloggers who live in Idaho. And here is a LIST and I couldn't get all of them to open and it some haven't post for sometime. It look like maybe I should of put my google search for Idaho bloggers more direct wording but always with the word "Idaho bloggers" but add the word. Mom, family, southern, northern, political, religious, cooking, hiking, travel and or any word you may choice.

Had the day off and help Murphy get the rest of lumber of our barn. I believe now we got out all of the usable lumber now. We all ready power wash two good size pile of boards. Now this small pile will be last.

I never know where I should or need to stick in link for DAISY or like my garden photos. Few ways I don't want to come across as a beggar, winier, or as con. But I know if you don't speak up nothing COMES ABOUT but know one doesn't want to be NAGGED either.
Two people donated. Thank you!

I'm a big support of shopping at local mom and pop stores. Not saying I don't purchase any of my stuff at big box store.
So the other day I stop in at one of our local thrift store and got some fabric for my up coming locker hooking project.
Not sure how much I will need to make a few hot pot trivets. But one thing I want to this week is stop by our three fabric store in Bonners Ferry and purchase flat quarters. ALLEY FABRIC NOOKA LITTLE COMFORT QUILTING, and CALLIES NICHE.

I had a kohlrabi today for lunch, and not sure what the worst thing I ate chips or pieces of dark chocolate.
Blue berry pancake with 3 thin slice of bacon.
Lunch hotdog one with a bun and the other with out a bun,
dinner was hamburger sandwich a few chips.
Well both lunch and dinner I had pork n beans.

I did mange to make anther swifter cover. I believe I can get 3 of swifter covers on small ball of cotton yarn. I might stop in at MANDY to get some cotton yarn and it depends on price. I would like to get start on a duster. The only so far I've came up with is dowel rod which would be use as handle.  I believe would be a little costly.

Coffee is on


  1. Sorry, I'm from California. I did work with someone from Idaho once. She moved to SoCal. Not sure why. But she moved back after a year or so.

  2. Hari OM
    ...and I's all the way over in Scotland! The etherwebs bring us to being neighbours though!!! Dora, does the gofundme setup not have a widget you can add to your sidebar? then there would be a permanent link to keep awareness up until your goal is reached... or at least some of it. LOVE the sunflower &*> YAM xx

  3. If you click on your profile and then click on where you live, or Northern Idaho you will find bloggers all around you.

  4. An Idaho Bloggers Guild - pretty cool. I like to interact with bloggers both local and international. It could be because I majored in cultural anthropology, but I do enjoy both the familiar and the non familiar. So many bloggers to choose from! Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com I haven't used crowdfunding so hope you get some usable ideas from your other commenters. Good luck.

  5. I love that gorgeous big sunflower!
    My mum used to grow sunflowers when I was little, for the bees to come and then they would fertilise the vegetable garden too. When the sunflower seeds were ready we would feed them to or pet galah, an Australian bird of the cockatoo family, they are grey and pink.

  6. Texas is hard on plants, my sunflowers are doing a nose dive, but the tomatoes are doing okay so far.

  7. I forgot to plant the few sunflower seeds from the 'dinner plate' sunflower that the birds planted last year. I wonder if it's too late.

  8. I love that sunflower! The wild ones, much smaller but still turing their faces to the sun, are now growing along our roads here in the canyon.

  9. I too like to shop at 'local shops'...they pay their tax, and depend on us to keep them in business. Big corporate companies don't interest me at all.

  10. I'm in Maine. :-) Love the sunflower picture! I always appreciate when people shop from us small business owners, especially on Etsy!

  11. You're the one and only blogger I know from Idaho. Actually, you're the only person I know from Idaho! At college, we had students from 48 US states and lots of other countries... but I think Idaho was one of the two US states not represented in the student body!


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