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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bogus and Wednesday Words II.

Editor note...I thought I would give my hand at playing "Wednesday Words" but I thought I would twist it up a bit, by trying some fiction. Please remember this is a story and that's all it is.

This week words came from JUST MY STORY Someone, hopscotch, days, hotter, hoaxer, and lonely.
Once everyone read there letter which they receive from the “Powers To Be” usual everyone letters include what they will be getting points.
Back in the days people would go to work or be part of commerce and I believe received a paycheck and which somehow turn into money.
It been a while since we had anything to with money. Reading a few historical articles that at time the money was control by small group. So those days are long gone.
So now after your 12 years old you get a letter stating how many points you earn though out the years. Then someone at office of Powers to Be” decided how many points you will loose.
You can have a copy sent to your hoaxer or mail to you. Same price of 22 points.
Don't know if anyone every was brave enough to find out why they lost points. Maybe it same feeling as paying taxes. Wouldn't know what it would be like to pay taxes or to have money.

It's been told that Dade and Oatha Grandparents paid taxes but last time anyone payed taxes there was such up rising over it was so one sided. Those who had some extortioner amounts of money never paid pay much of there earnings in taxes.
Because of up rising 180 years ago they did away with taxes and replace it with a point system. So a month before Candle Day everyone get a letter stating how many points every one will get for the upcoming year and how you want to receive it. Weekly, bi weekly, monthly, or on certain day of month.
Don't worry usual everyone support “Powers to Be”.
With un-ethical behavior you can have points taken away. But there two other punishment for being un-ethical confession your un-ethical behavior in the public square. The town of Bogus is much to small to have a square for being un-ethical.
Not sure where the closes un-ethical jail is.

  Once someone turns a 100 or 15 there letter they receive from “Powers to Be” is a very important. Since I will be 15 this year. It will let me know how many offspring I will be aloud.
Then those who will be turning a 100 will be send off to a extermination fields.

Not all that long ago everyone was to be put on equal footing. Which actual tried for some length of time.
Everyone was treat to equal that people was melancholic and wondered about like a lonely zombie.
Not single person had much variance how they look or dress. All the dwellings in Bogus and maybe a little change as you went up north Falsch.
But they didn't want the population to get out balance, and since most illness and war haven't happen for over 50 years.
They had trouble keeping the world in line. Just to many people was taking up space on the planet.

As Randi letter stated she could have up to 4 children. She wonder about what it might be like to have 4 off-springs in her future. If this all she will actual have. Every male receives a similar letter telling him how many children he is to be sire of.
Now a person is given a chance to have 0 to 6 young-in. But there a chance couple could end up with 12 progeny.

So sad how they handle those who reach 100. Each year the power to be decide how many people at 100 will be exterminated in it camp.
Three years ago Dade was send off to one of these camp. He survive like it our replacement of war. Not everyone dies in a war.

I recall Dade getting off the bus. Some friends, Dade and Oatha daughter Apfel. Was playing hopscotch.
The ideal of certain activity isn't set by age limit but your choice of a spiritual being. Quite a few of side walks have marble circles, shuffle board, and hopscotch place on it sidewalks.
But what I like there a box of chalk on most street corner that you can draw picture or write on the side walk.
Well you better not draw any bad picture or write un-ethical things. That the powers to be will zap away some points.

The hotter days won't be here for a couple of months. The chit chat going about the community is that Oatha will be send off to extermination camp a week after Litha.

Last week STORY


  1. Points kind of sound like money...

  2. Oooh.
    You have taken a walk on the dark side here. Shades of 1984. Well done.

  3. Wow. I don't like the sound of the powers that be, too much like Big Brother watching and ruling everyone all the time.

  4. Not much freedom in Bogus, is there? Points lost or death if you have twins the 4th pregnancy, I wonder ...

  5. Hooray! You met this challenge very well.

  6. Hari Om
    Dora, I am intrigued by Bogus... am enjoying your dystopian take on this words meme! YAM xx


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