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Monday, June 06, 2016

Quite Day

Regis and I took a trip to Sandpoint a fun trip to good will and Library. He collect MARVEL characters. And has quite of collection. Today still in box he got two figuring not sure which ones.
The a Captain American Mail box.
I got neck less  regular $2.99 and because it had red tag 50% off. I got some note cards and stickers so I can write to my pen pals.

This morning I met my friend LaWalla at under the sun and had coffee. Then head up to were Liz has her mental health help and inform them what we seen.
Sunday LaWalla went to work and now I believe her son Cyprus called the LDS CHURCH and some one came out to her place.
Well once I talk to LaWalla she told me that Liz was laying on her bed. Drawing in thin air with her finger.
I believe it was Friday night and her son took the car and got drunk. He also have mental illness. He can hear people think.
So he got drunk and was heading back East. Not sure what back there.
But ended up going in major ditch and got back out. To get out of that ditch he would of been going a lease 60 miles per hour or more to get out of the ditch.
Well the car is total and no more. The transmission, tires, and engine is still good.
I might look at tire and see they would work on my car.
She had insurance and think she going to collect from there insurance company. I believe with out a police report she won't be able to collect.
She doesn't want her son to get in trouble. Well he needs to take responsible for his action. Any how he 28 years old.
Since I doubt his mom will say or do a report with law enforcement agency. She out of vehicle and collecting any insurance money.
I'm sure not wishing her ill and actual I have pitty on her mental illness. Being so called trap in your own mind.

Super hot once again. And you can see one of my lilly are blooming. Did get a walk in around 7 this morning and it was up in the 80's already.
Dinner was a hamburger on bun and melt cheese, ok a cheese burger.

Just start to look though BRISTOL Pennsylvania. In 1850 it was part of Philadelphia county and now it in buck county not sure when the line changed.

                                                                              Coffee is on


  1. Yikes. Sometimes family is a burden.

  2. Your lily is so pretty. My grandmother used to have them ...

    Oops, i believe every state has some law about reporting accidents over a certain amount of $.

    I read some of that old diary. That was different.

  3. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Wow. I'd take every paycheck my kid had until I had a new car. You can bet on that. And if he didn't have a job then I'd definitely be reporting it because why should I have to suffer for the self-induced stupidity of someone else, my kid or not. - I was a tough mom and absolutely you take responsibility for your actions. There's a price to pay for being a dumb ass. - Your lily is beautiful. I manage to kill every lily that ever makes it my way. - It is so stinkin' hot! I don't mind the heat when it's a normal temp but this is above and beyond.


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