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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Not To Much Of One Thing

I might as well piss some of you by posting some thing about politics and election. Right now it looks like it going to be a run off between CLINTON and TRUMP and not impress by either one.
Neither one been president of the united states.
Statement time...If I vote for Candidate Clinton is simple I'm trying to stop Trump. but I would rather see BERNIE SANDERS or JILL STEIN in the oval office.
It sad to see our elected official bought and sold by bid money donars. I don't see many of them representing the needs of every day people.
It seem they catered to those with a lease 6 figure income. Not my husband and I who have a 5 figure income.
I haven't live under a DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM and I know everything has it advantage and disadvantage.
Opinion time...our CAPITALISM is out of control. The wealth is control by a SMALL PERCENTAGE of the populatin
Don't believe I want to live under COMMUNISM but I can understand when any place leans towards OLIGARCHY that something is done, like RUSSIAN REVOLUTION was done in 1917.
I don't want or need a lot. Actual I think everyone should want to contribute to our earth. No free ride for this gal or anyone else.
Something else for anther day. Time to move on.

I move my steps ticker, above. During the week I average out 6.908 not quite 7,000 steps. My goal by end of July is to be averaging 35,000 steps..
I think I took on to much to chew.
I know I weigh around 220 but not sure. I forgot to write what I weigh in at our last T.O.P.S meeting.
by end of Sept my goal is to be 205. So every week I need to drop .75 to 1.0 pound a week.

So glad either one my clients want to go to Library in Sandpoint. Took Regis home he spend couple of days with his Sister law Liz.
So I swung by my friend Alice to Apologized for missing her appointment, last Thursday. She was at a craft show in NEW PORT WASHINGTON.
Stop in at our library with out my reading glasses. Got a book called RETURN TO THE BOSQUE. Got a late start on our community summer reading program. Our community of about 10,000 sat goal to read 6,000 books. The summer of 2015 our community read 5,788 books in 6 weeks.
It use to be just younger children. Now it open to the entire community. Of course prizes are given away to younger ones.
As we were trying to cook dinner none of the burners on gas stove would light. Usual there is a clicking sound, and nothing.
Had to light the stove with matches.

Breakfast angel food cake with strawberries
Lunch pulled pork, green beans, and biscuits with butter.
Dinner ground beef gravy over potatoes
Snack kipper snack and dark chocolate bar with ginger.

I wasn't going to post but decided to. Still looking though the 1850 county of Philadelphia looking for my 2nd great grand parents. John Shirley and his wife Hannah (Ross) Shirley.
If your wondering why I'm looking at that year, and what I possible my learn.
John and Hannah got married in Philadelphia the 2nd of March in 1849.
So the 1850 census would be the first census they took as couple.
Usual a young couple very rarely start out on the own. Unless they came from very wealthy family.
In those time a young married couple would live with an older relative. So they can get there feet under them self before they move on
I know Hannah parents both died and a her only sister Elizabeth died before she every married.
Possible help on farm for few years instead of money. A relative may give the couple some land and set up a few building and etc so they can start farming.
One who live in a City and there family who they was living, could possible work in a factory and could be an apprentice to some trade.
John manufacturer shoes and he had to learn how to make shoes some place.

Coffee is on


  1. Your politics sounds very similar to ours. Politics by the rich, for the rich. Sigh. And hiss and spit.
    Thanks for your visit to my blog.

  2. Anonymous3:17 AM

    stopped by to hi! post was well written and pretty much says what I'm thinking. I like to research my ancestors too! It is interesting to know where you come from and how you got where you are! have a great Sunday!

  3. I suppose Sanders age is a negative, but he is the only American politician I have heard talk sensibly. He is reasonable and talks commonsense and in spite of his age, young people seem to like him. Sadly in this election, you have to choose between the lesser of two evils and that is certainly Clinton.

  4. I don't think your political views are all that strange -- in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they're that of the majority!

  5. I have no wise or informed words about the coming election. I just don't see how come there hasn't been some kind of assassination attempt yet ...

    You might try looking under a nick name. I know that when the census takers were doing their thing, they wrote down whatever people said, however they heard it. In different years, my grandmother was 1.) Dorothea 2.) Dora 3.) Dorothy 4.) Dorathea. When my uncle was a baby, they put his name down as 'Georgie.' I thought one of my great-grandfathers had two wives - but found out later the second name was a nick name not even remotely like her given name.

  6. Politics as usual. Ah well.

  7. Good luck with reaching your goal for the steps! Mine is 10,000 per day

  8. Breakfast is Angelfood cake with strawberries?
    That's definitely worth getting out of bed for.

  9. So many of us are angry and don't know where to turn, and the current candidates are far from ideal. But I know who I am going to vote for, and why. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com


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