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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Not Three Step Forward But Two

We all make mistakes or not thinking things though. Our land line start to be a piece of crap and between regular month bill and my long distant. I was paying $40 a month and the phone was so noisy.
In waste I called up the local landline company and told them to disconnect our land line. We only have one cell phone, mine and no time I use my minutes.
Knowing something need to be done.
We put in MAGIC JACK since it was such short time as for disconnecting the phone. I thought it would be simple enough to get back our old number since we had since 2000.
Have to contact the phone company and see if they will release it back to us.
But we can call out. cost less then $3.00 a month. Plus $50 for the jack and $15 for the phone.

I was please with my weigh in this morning. I don't recall exactly what I lost but I know it was some where between a pound to pound and half.
Breakfast grapenuts with slice strawberries.
Lunch stuffing and I will count that as 2 piece of food, because of the serving size. A little later on I had a BLT
Dinner ground beef gravy of potatoes and peas.
I bought some HOLY BASIL tea love the smell and taste.
Planning to present an ideal for a little contest in group to make it a little interesting.

Start to look though the 1850 census in different area, FRANKFORT right by Philadelphia.
It's going to take bit time to located my 2nd great grand parents.

Been pretty smooth day. Murphy picked Strawberries gave some to LaWalla. Work day for me.

I write to different pen pal all over the world, and I can't fine my address book and I been looking for it.
Start to clean out my car so we can sell it.  I have hunch they might be some items which fell down between the seats.
Not picky on what the car is...One thing is go I need a four door it easier for me to transport my clients.
The other isn't as important. But a trunk big enough to put "Jimmy Hoffa" in and a manual transmission.
But once we get the phone settle and then we can start looking for anther rig.

Coffee is on


  1. I hope you find your address book or at east your pen pals write you back. So you can continue to write to them. Do you write snail mail or email?

  2. Your phone issues are starting to sound like my TV issues. Hope it gets resolved soon.

  3. My mother in law is having constant issues with her landline service. We've thought about Magic Jack for her, please let your readers know how it works? I've heard it only works if the person on the other end has one; that just can't be true. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  4. We just cancelled our landline too! Hope you find your address book!

  5. The car you need, probably, is one like my Buick. It's a 2000 model Buick LeSabre, 4 doors, roomy trunk, comfortable seating and it got 27 mpg the last time I drove it. (2 years ago)

    I hope you find your address book. I always think about making a duplicate when I'm not home or otherwise occupied. I would be so screwed if I lost mine ...


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