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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

I Was But It Can Wait

I was going to tell more the mess Liz got her self in.  Not sure it from MENTAL illness or not.
Yesterday when Regis and I went to the good will. I did get a mask to hang on our power line pole. Sort of considering on taking on anther client, also mental ill I believe

Today I went and weigh at my local T.O.P.S and I was down 2 pounds. So I lost about half of the weight I gain over last week.
But when I went to work I sure went on cookie binge.
Murphy went over to the senior center and had lunch. It wasn't all that appetizing but they had some type of huckleberry dish and one left over and they gave it to me.

Since I didn't have more four items for lunch. Time dinner came around I was feeling hungry and was a little scared that I might over eat.
So I decided to have 2 piece of fish, 1 cup mac "n" cheese, and 5 slice of pickle beets. If I wasn't satisfy on that
I would have one 1 piece of fish, half cup of mac "n" cheese, and 4 pickle beets.

Still hot. 


  1. Another mentally ill client? You're not going to have any trouble keeping your blog in stories.

  2. Another mask - it won't be long and you'll have a totem pole of sorts.

    Another client? I would find out what kind of mental illness they had before signing on. I know my one helper had some real issues, and she was a challenge on my nerves.

  3. Have that second piece of fish! It's the mac and cheese that will kill your diet. Alas, I have not had true mac and cheese for way too long. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com


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