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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Two Days Of Blessings

Having Saturday and Sunday with no in home care is sure a blessing. I have to say LaWalla had to deal with the crazies when they were having there moment.
So I got my pay check and made a list where the money is going to.
Up to $350 for what every happen in life. This should cover food, fuel, and what one never believe is going to happen in life.
$200 on pick up. It needs a muffler and a speed odometer. Later on we will pick up a battery for it.
$130 for my medical insurance. Confession time...I forgot to pay it one month. My health insurance though Idaho Health state exchange is just under $85 a month. So by July I will be back down to my regular amount
I just won't bother anyone about how crappy the health exchange is.
$50 car and I'm guess it going to be a little lower for an oil change and basic service.
$25.00 sewing machine. I already have $123 save up so in next few days I will place and order with Amazon.
$20 for our natural gas bill.
Murphy and I like weed for different reason. One thing I don't like is that paranoid and anxiety feeling. I like that zippy doo dah feeling.
see a eighth of an ounce will last me two months. And dear hubby goes though half to ounce a month. Plus he promised a friend that he would bring back some hash.
So that run would cost us $180.
But come Wednesday Murphy social security will arrive.

This early afternoon we went over to see Quenella and she showed us around her garden. Like us her grasses and un-friendly plants are trying to evade the flowers.
It's consent battle.
Quenella said she built a small fire in her stove this morning to take the cool edge off her place. It never got up to 70 and been quite damp.
We should of built a fire this morning.

Eating consist of bacon, cheese, and egg on english muffin.
Lunch used a smaller plate and had taco salad.
Dinner ground beef patty, oven fries, and green salad.
Snack pop corn with nothing on it, and oranges.

Coffee is on



  1. I put off paying our Dish bill and all of a sudden it was due, had to pay online and don't like to do that.
    Great to hear you are getting a sewing machine. I'd like to see that rug being made!
    Taco salad - oh, I wish!

  2. Did you find what sewing machine you're going to get yet?


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