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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Not Behind The Mask

First of all quite a few left comment about my mask on the power line pole. Our yard light haven't been used for ages and I can't recall what we paid for it way back when.
We always had a good relationship with the utilities company. Usual around here if there is problem they notify you when the mail your next bill.
If something is more urgent they call on phone.
As for ceramic here in North Idaho this fall I will have to put them in the shed. Usual when thing become wet and freeze one will run into trouble.
A good spraying with a sealer will help. Also anther good preventive measure is pour cheap floor wax in side, and dump it back in to the container, where there no paint.

Today I took Regis to get his impression for his denture done in Courd'Alene. It seem to all go well. Driving both ways. Time in office and stopping by the Bonner County Library, part of Sandpoint. We were gone 7 hours.
I get paid mileage for driving twenty five cent a mile from Medicaid. And this trip should be thirty dollars.
Which I will receive in about 4 to 6 weeks.

So in mean time. I took couple of short walk. Notice some of the corners on fourth ave had bricks. Which looked fairly new.

It seem I saw was quite a few thrift stores, anther denture place, and coffee places. And they did have a Safeway. Which is in Bonners Ferry
Almost directly across the street form were Regis was having his impression done they had a fishing tackle place.

On my last part of the walk I stop in at GAIWANTEA HOUSE. I don't like to go far when any of my client is at an appointments.
I know if I came out of a doctor office and my ride was horrible late. I know I would be up set if I had to wait any length of time.
They look like they had a few nice treat you could enjoy with your tea.
But I picked up three sample package at one dollar and fifty cents.
Since I'm an Earl Gray fan. I decided to get Early Lavender. Sweet Pear once had pear wine which I highly enjoyed. So I'll give the tea a try.
My last one I choose was Turmeric Ginger. I got a turmeric base from our local tea house. But this one has ginger in it.

Brought a book a long. Which I'm slowly re-reading and putting a little more thought behind it. Chapter 2 is on the "environment you grew up in"
To be quite honest it sure was far from perfect. But complaining about it doesn't solve one darn thing.
I don't believe for one minute my parents put an hinders on me, on purpose. Sure I was crippled by my environment.
I met people mostly though my job that they basically told me about there childhood. Maybe with a few minor changes on stage there life was given.
Honestly there not much difference.
Not saying I'm a totally stable person. But I think I can function though life and get to one point to anther though the life maze.
                                                                            Coffee is on


  1. Many people blame their bad or odd behavior on their childhood. I think I had a weird childhood, but I grew up and see that I am master of my own destination, not my childhood. I believe that is what growing up means - getting over that mess.

  2. We make choices every day, eh? And although it can be difficult to overcome the script we're living, we have the power.

  3. I understand not wanting to go far afield while waiting on people with appointments. I'd bet you'd get through a whole bunch of books while waiting.

  4. I really like the image of the bicycle you poster!


  5. hi, just glad to see you're still blogging !! xx

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