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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Maybe Not Or So

Wanted more to offer in my posting about my 2nd great grand dad "John Shirley" Right now I'm trying to see if he was living in Philadelphia in the 1850, so I'm digging though that year census.
I do know he worked in Shoe Manufactures. Question time..what is the different between a cobbler and manufactures shoes.
But he did get married in 1849 to Hannah Ross in Episcopalian church in Philadelphia.
So one minute I figure this man is a true pauper living in tenement housing, with a bunch of children. And then on the other hand not even close. It sort of Bi Polar story.
But I do wonder who wore his shoes.

I tried my hand at making some raw crackers. simple I made cracker with the dehydrator. I soak some sunflower seed, so there nice and soft. Maybe 2 hours and drain off the water.
Chopped up some veggies, finely. What I chop up was some baby kale and little bit of beet greens. Then add some shredded zucchini.
Ran them though my food processors. Til it look sort of dough like.
for seasoning salt and I use a little much. And the other seasoning I use was turmeric and chili powder. But then I decided to add a little bit of seeds, flax and seasme.
Spread thinly on parrflex sheets
Now I bet some of you wonder how long...I would say 6 to 8 hours.

Had no intention going up to the cemetery again. Murphy and I was going over and visiting his sister faith.
She was heading up to the grave yard and we were roped in going up to the cemetery.
This trip was much quicker.

So we came back and visited. A big gust of wind came up and lifted up the table umbrella and it went crashing on to glass table top.
It just shattered glass every where.
She add new awnings to the windows.

Well I did some cutting the grass in mainly my "royal sunshine" bed. Some of my plants lack sunshine.
Did a little wacking to my lavender in hope to let light in.
A few columbine in town is blooming. Mine just struggles a long.
So in fall after Sept 20th I need to dig up this bed and replant.

Murphy and with a little help from me. We planted out our leeks.
Looks like we're going to have a bumper crop of strawberries, still got fingers cross.

Murphy and I hung our so called art work. We found some interesting twist tree stumps and branches.




  1. The umbrella 'incident' sounds very familiar Dora :) it happened to me also!

  2. I don't know about the shoe manufacturers, maybe they were considered cobblers at the time. Things were different 150 years ago. I don't believe any of my relatives lived here in the states in 1850 - so that's cool.
    Lots of strawberry blossoms! I tried raising strawberries once, they didn't do well.
    I like your artwork - looks like driftwood.
    Enjoy your day, Dora.

  3. Thanks for coming by my blog! I'm sorry I didn't come by earlier! I love that piece of wood you found! Too bad about the umbrella and glass table! Not fun!!!

  4. I forgot to say, I think I'm going to try the raw crackers!

  5. Yikes, the umbrella crash sounds horrible. I hope no one was hurt.

    I wonder at the difference between shoe manufacture and cobbler, too. My great-grandfather (or was it great-great) is listed on some census or other as a cobbler. It'd be nice to know what it means.


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