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Sunday, May 01, 2016

Dancing About

Got out anther new set of colors, for the mask I been painting. Actual it more done then not. But still having trouble on exactly how I want to do the actual face.
Every time when I paint a what I call a gem. I wonder about gem stone COLORS and MEANING.

As you can see I just have a small section of gem stones to finish.

Couldn't tell what all I've done the last few days. But we been busy. Today Murphy and I did some planting in the veggie garden.
One thing I want to grow is SUNFLOWER GREENS, and finish out the roll with Chard, Kolrabi, Zinnia, and transplant a cone flower.
Did a little cleaning in what I call my "good will flower bed" and had some old seeds of iceland poppies, and plant a small section of seeds.
In humorously told my husband I was going into the opium business. He told me not to make to much that it moves us in higher tax rate. Anyhow wrong type of poppies.

Murphy and I decided to pull out our tables and chairs. Our ideal is to enjoy  some meals in great outdoors.
The table is from CAMP SPECIALTIES and they have other items. Light weight and treble.

Our local pagan group celebrated BELTANE and 12 of us danced around the Mayday pole. And Murphette film it.
Also had a wonderful meal with scallops wrap in bacon, stuff morels, margaritas, apples, bananas sliced and I furnish strawberry short cake.

 Not sure exactly what, when, and who I will be blogging. Quite a few of my tulips are coming a long nicely. But it having a battle with the quack grass.
Some of my iris are forming and showing heads.

Coffee is on


  1. I love the mask you are painting! How long does that take you to complete? Your flowers are beautiful also!

  2. It was definitely a day for dancing!
    Your lady is coming right along, like the colors.
    The flowers are quite showy!
    Have a good evening. :D

  3. Dining al fresco can be nice when the weather cooperates. Looks like you've got a good setup.

  4. Martha...If got right down a painted I could have it done in less then 24 hours.

  5. Hello Dora and happy Monday! I love those beautiful tulips :)

  6. Oh a May Pole - how wonderful!

  7. First I've heard of Sunflower greens, interesting.

  8. Sounds like you've been having some creative and fun days!

    Re May poles: read about them in English children's books when I was growing up but never saw any when I lived in England! ;(

  9. Your mask is looking wonderful. Your meal sounded delicious! Love your little set up. I try to eat outside as much as possible when the weather is good. Lately every morning has been coffee on the patio. Love my sunshine and warm temps. Can't wait to see your garden in full swing. :)

  10. The weather is just breaking enough here that we might finally be able to get some planting done. I started lots of stuff inside--and maybe a little too early since it looks like I have a jungle in my dining room right now. :)

    The mask is coming along nicely!


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