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Friday, March 04, 2016

Splitting Up Is Some Time Hard

First flowers to bloom of 2016. There in my what I call my "Hodge Podge" bed. Our grass is starting to turn green.

So far having Carrie here. But I know like any other house guest after a while one gets tired of them. Just waiting until her medication is filled.
Plus it gives me a little bit of pay check.

Talk to my friend LaWalla  a little bit this morning. About talking to our clients social workers and see if they know possible anyone who might need in home care.
She thought it was a good ideal.
She said once Carrie leave she would split the hours with Liz and Regis. 15.50 hours a week.
I know she mention the ideal hours for her would be about 25 a week. What I figure I want something about the same.

Went to fit and fall exercise class. Which is held at the senior center and I've been keeping my ears open for any buddy who possible needs help.

Picked up our taxes and afterward I went to our local court house and got the paper work for PROPERTY CIRCUIT BREAKER Not sure how other states work it. If your income is under $29,000 a year, disabled and over 65 years of age.
You qualify for a tax break on your property.

Carrie and Hershel clean out there pantry because they didn't want to haul the food with them. So they gave us quite a bit and I sort it out. What we can't use or want I'll take it into our local food bank.
Murphy spilt up some of our larger birch pieces.

Starting to think it would be a good ideal of having a yard sale the first weekend April. My daughter in law Molly is now 36 weeks a long.
The baby is due on the 27 of this month.
Babies come when the want.

Coffee is on


  1. I love your first flowers! I've never had those. I have Buttercups (Daffodils) in sight, though they belong to the neighbor down the road. Nothing blooming here in our yard.
    House guests are nice, but I agree, they do get bothersome after a while.
    Around here people get a tax break if they are a certain age and low income.
    I'll bet you are getting anxious for that new grandbaby!

  2. Grandbaby coming soon - how wonderful!

  3. In Washington state, at least the county I last lived in a low income tax break was with an income of 35 thousand bucks, or less. Helen only paid $2.50 a year, for weed control.

  4. In New York, low income property owners over 65 get tax breaks. We are fortunate enough to have a good Office for Aging in the county where I live. Hoping our crocuses here are blooming soon. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  5. here the elderly are allowed to defer their property tax with no interest charges but it's kind of back firing. we have tons of immigrants buying multi million dollar houses and putting it in their parents name to defer taxes which would be in the tens of thousands.

    the immigrants are driving our house prices to insanity. a 33 foot city lot with a knock down house just sold for about 5 million bucks. it's almost all chinese money.

  6. E Rosewater...We have two piece of property. And we only a loud to use one of them.


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