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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Move It In

Got the sewing table up out of our basement today. Now finding a chair to fit. I used one of our dinning chairs and it was little wide, would pull up to the table like I would like.
In front there is a nice size window.
But lighting and sitting is something I need to work on.
I should be able to find both things at a thrift store.

I love spoiling the up coming Grand daughter. So I when I go into the thrift place. I tend to pick up a few little outfits.
The other day I was at the "Hope House" it place where they help people with non food items. Mostly clothes.
Confession time...I though I'm not needy. I will pick up a few items out of the place. 
I've found a few cool piece of clothing and made my first rag rug for our dog "Daisy" from there. But I've gave more then I taken.
I don't think they care for me. Because I question all sort of things about religion.
Well if every body liked me or agreed with me. Chance would be I would be a push over. Then on the hand side. If every body world hated me. There is a good chance I was lacking "empathy".

Anther advantage of having table up in smaller room. I can also work on my ceramics. I had this hunter simile 
Not sure how many smiles there is. I know I have quite a few of them. There great things to make lamps for kids room.
But I notice this one had my son sawyer name on the bottom.
I'll finish it and send it down to them. They can do what ever they want with it. Would make a good yard decoration.

 So far today I haven't ate out of control. But there been no stress in my life. But I have the day off from work.
Life is a lot easier not having a job. But sooner or later the bills most be paid. If I didn't work we would be struggling.
Reality is what it is.
But now every other Saturday I get a pay check, Confession time...Unless I mess it up and have it kicked back. I know I was a space cadet and my time slip for Carrie is going to be kicked back. So this up coming pay check is going to be short.
I could ask them issue me an earlier check but they charge $25.00. I'll wait until until my next pay day. The check amount will be bigger.
I wouldn't have trouble if we was paid once a month,

If and there is a lot of "ifs" in life. When I'm 60 years old. I'm hoping I can have Carrie for 16 hours a week. And have my ceramic studio in the basement part time.
Which is 4 years down the road.
There so much to do to get a studio going. Like get rid of un-used stuff that I will never use.
Started to go though the items under the stairwell. I already got some encyclopedia world book. I've already taken part of the set in ages ago. To the Community Thrift store. Which is part of the 7th day Adventist and I'm guessing they have some type of missionary school that could use them.

I didn't go any place and walk on our road today. Just got above freezing.

Coffee is on  


  1. Nice sewing table! How did you manage to get it upstairs? I hope you had help!

    I think it might have made it to 33F today, you wouldn't catch me out either!

  2. 33 isn't bad actual. At times it was down to 40 below.

    My husband help me with the sewing table. I got the table at yard sale and paid $10 for it.

  3. stressed = desserts spelled backwards. cool, i like it!

  4. Eighty degrees here today.

  5. What are you planning to sew? You mentioned wanting to make a quilt, so I wondered if that was it?

  6. She sews...Not sure when I will get around to the quilt. But I'm starting to cut strips of fabric for a rag rug.


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