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Thursday, February 04, 2016

A Little Brighter

Not sure why I like this piece of fabric. There not much to it less then fourth of yard. Planning to put it in next rag rug I do.
Believe I got almost enough fabric to anther one.
Notice colors I'm short on is the brown and reds.
The bottom fabric I could work into the brown, green, and red section of the rug. The gold or some might call yellow will be in it own section.
Red and gold fabric I can divide up equal among it self.

Quenella and I went shopping in Sandpoint. Usual when I go to Sandpoint. It to take someone to the doctor and I might get a chance to run to one place and quickly grab and item. Make sure I'm back before there out of the doctor office.
Today we went to ZERO POINT Quenella got a wind chime. I got a pendulum and a blank card. Been behind writing to pen pals.
We went over to the PINE STREET BAKERY had coffee and a treat.
Then over to Ponderay where Walmart and such.
Didn't need much. Actual the only thing I need was panties. I got 2 outfit for the baby. Also a large set of color pencils , 72 colors.
Oh and plain note book when I start going though COMPLETE WORKBOOK OF WITCH CRAFT

I'm a supporter of Mom and Pop places. Complete understand why they need to charge higher price then wall mart.
And understand that there places or business cater to a upper crust clients. I won't be shopping anytime soon at HARVEY NICHOLES
But when small business that the 1% don't shop at and charges out rages prices. I have an issue with that.
Don't mind paying a few extra dollars to help mom and pop place out. But when they feel they need to charge 10 times of what a big box store does.
I just won't shop there.

Took some odds and ends of yarn. Using two strands and crochet blocks. Double crochet. Some interesting combos so far.
Sometime if there to much white and anther color I don't care for it. But I seem to like when there is a brown mix with anther color.

Sure was a welcome break from work. Yesterday I sure what trouble keeping on track of health eating.
Even I went to the bakery. I kept everything in perspective when it came to eating. I wouldn't say that about yesterday.
I haven't done the math but I know I got a lot more steps in

Coffee is on


  1. I like that little print of the salt and pepper shakers - would make cute hot pad and oven mitt set, would almost be a shame to lose the graphics in a rug.
    I like the grape/gray, the grape/white, and the pretty turquoise/pale yellow combos.

  2. Seems like making a quilt is a lot of work.


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