Thursday, January 28, 2016

It Should Be Simple As Falling Off A Log

As some one who does in home care here in Idaho we get paid twenty five cents a mile. For non emergency transit  My client Carrie has hip surgery this coming Monday and some follow up appointments.
It all depends who you get on the other end of the phone. This was my smooth transaction of mileage reimbursement.
I have to wonder about some people.
But I can't say getting her walker did go as smooth.
The doctor who is in Post Fall said she need a walker. And she has a old one what was her Father in laws.
Not sure if this is type she needs or not.
Talking about Government waste and bull. (Bureaucracy)
Found out that a doctor can't write an Rx for a walker, just with a phone call. But has to see the client in person. She make appointment and see the doctor.
Explain to her doctor why she needs a walker.
The doctor tells her to call the doctor who doing the hip surgery. And that doctor to fax  her local pharmacy in Bonners Ferry, which does handle any type of mobility equipment.
But possible a drug store in Sandpoint can handle it.
So hopeful when I bring her home from the surgery that I can swing by and pick up the walker.

I sure wouldn't say private health care insurance is anything great. Not sure how well the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT is doing.
Idaho never join or did the MEDICAID EXPANSION and set up there own health exchange. Not sure what if any Idaho companies have to provide health insurance for there employees.
I pay $85 a month and receive a subsidize  of about $315. But I have a $5,000 deductible, and when I meet my $5,000 deductible. My insurance will only pick up 70% then and I'm responsible for 30%
My medical cost, if I'm lucky runs $500 a year.
So right now I'm tossing $85 down drain. It might sound great if I had a major injury or illness. But in all honesty we still would end up going bankruptcy.

Don't think I told Murphette needs to move again. Sound a little fishy. One lady let her stay rent free but she need to pay the electrical.
The place doesn't have water and lady who own place can't afford to get the leak fix.
Don't know what that has to do with renting a place.
I know some one ages ago renting a cabin without any electric, water, and wood heat. I believe they paid around $300 a month.
This place in winter no one hardly plowed the roads and you better be stocked up for the winter.
It would be so simple to add some income. She and this guy Clovis lived together for close to 17 years.
She took a loan up to fix his house. Because his two kids was coming over from the coast to live with them.
When she took out the loan she was working in accounting department at the casino. And later on her income drop because she end up on disability.
And is still paying on it.
Tell you one thing I wouldn't be paying some rent on ex never married to and wasn't living at that residents.
Unless there was court order and if I got a court order. Then I would check in going bankruptcy.

It been raining last few days and haven't had a chance to take any walks. Yesterday I took Regis to the pain clinic in Sandpoint.
Usual LaWalla takes him, that's his main caregiver. But she had to meet the manger of some low income apartments in Troy.
Not sure how it went. Talk to her briefly and she has the flu.

Stop by and see Alice and she was trying to figure out her bills. She made the comment I make a good income and I should be living comfortable, and I struggle every month.

Coffee is on



  1. In Canada we are lucky mohave public health care.

  2. I'm not sure if I understand this right - medical has this poor lady jumping through their hoops over a bleep walker? Geesh!

    Not sure how I would react to someone talking about how I should be able to live on my income ... Just sayin

  3. twenty five cents a mile just covers your gas, the government pays me about a buck a mile to drive my truck to the hospital in Temple so that is a pretty good deal for me as a tank of gas now is about twenty bucks.

  4. I sure wish we had some type of one payer. But that not saying I'm looking for a free ride in life.

    Yes, we had to jump though some what I thought was some stupid hoops to get a bleeping walker.
    She made the comment to me, that she should be living better then she does. Her income is almost double of ours.
    Neither one of us are wealthy.

    I used alias for people in my blog, everything I write is true. Murphette, Alice, and LaWalla is made up name. But these people do exist.

  5. " Her income is almost double of ours."

    I know people like that and they are always whining about how hard they have it.

  6. Really nice today, I have both doors open to air the place out.

  7. I'm not at all happy with the "Affordable" Care Act. It's anything but affordable for us. We have full coverage of everyone in the family, yet the tax program keeps telling us it's not enough and we to pay a penalty. Seriously?

  8. Affordable Care Act has been so uneven. It was good for my son - he has preexisting conditions and was able to stay on my health plan (now he is aging out, though, but won't have trouble getting coverage. But with a high deductible). My husband, though, lost his health insurance because he works part time. His employer used to give insurance to part timers - now they can't. And that makes what kind of sense? Alana

  9. Our first year on the ACA was great.


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