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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

I Know Spring Isn't Here

 Got more items to go to the thrift store, and a few went in yard sale stack in our basement. Not sure if you can find them or not. But the crochet dish cloth I'll give to Regis. Like quite a few single men is seem they don't have enough items to keep house.
 This is the book case I might sale at the yard sale. I took all the book out of it, and place the fabric on it. So I wouldn't be tripping on it.
The items on the bottom shelf I need to go though and make a choice of what to do with the items.

I sure hope the weather is more spring like next Saturday, the 9th. For the gathering. A while ago a bunch of nutty FAR right wingers, petition our COMMISSIONERS to keep out Syrian refuges. Any place no refuges are coming to our area. Our community have bigger fish to fry.
Actual quite a few economic refuges who are force to leave the area. My son's are include in this group of economic refuges.
Anyhow no one coming to Boundary County. There no economical gain here.

Well our local, pagan group SPAIRFITERA is having there social at HEART ROCK WINES.
Not sure how long the welcoming community will last.
But our gathering start at 3 in the afternoon.
I might purchase a bottle of MEADE which I have never tried. Anther thing I might also purchase is a bottle of ginger beer.
Now I like a good ginger beer.

Sure hope the weather is nice for both event. I know there will be a march across the kootenai river. Not sure if I'll be going on the march or not. So out of shape and there is our pagan social later in day.

Today was Faith birthday Murphy sister and she turn 64.
Eating went well had a small glass of wine with dinner. My naughty food was a piece of brandy chocolate that Quenella made for us.

Purchased some lotto tickets. I only pick them up if there over hundred million. We all can dream for bit.
I get a kick out of what people would do if they won. I heard of so many people being broke in short time of winning.
It amounts to, your either a saver or spender.
Since I'm and only child. I was wondering if it would be the right thing is to give Murphy sibling let say 1 million dollar each.
Statement time...I wouldn't expect them anyone to give me part of the winning. It all luck of draw.
I have a few friends who are in debt under $10,000. Except Alice who has five years left on her home.
Which would be around $35,000.
I can first thing I would do if I actual won the big lotto. I would hire an lawyer and account before I went and did anything.

Coffee is on


  1. Good luck with that lottery. If I won, I'd get all my closest friends and family out of debt first. Then I would pick a few animal shelters to donate to. Then, I would redecorate my house then travel. A lot. :)

  2. Yes, nice to dream a bit about the lottery. I would probably hire me a cute male nurse to tote me around and do my bidding. LOL!

    I did a major purge of unnecessary items a few years ago, now I can't see there is any difference ...

  3. I love meade! Hardly ever have it at home, though, as it seems to just disappear. ^^

  4. if i ever won the lottery i'd give it to my wife. let her deal with all the headaches that come along with instant wealth.

  5. We have talked about paying off all our debts, including our mortgage, and then buying a bigger home with enough property to have a cat and dog rescue facility.

  6. It seems like spring here in Texas, I need to mow the yard.


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