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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Can't Get It Straight

Been doing some research on the McCalmant, and there some wabbling about Robert McCalmant. Where in Pennsylvania was he born. and did he actual serve in the civil war, on the union side. He was born 1811, and during the war he would of been in his 50's
Last time I can find any paper trail for him is a 1895 Iowa state census, and his him listed living in Carson Iowa. And what other said he died in 1896 in Harrisburg Nebraska.
Well I might move on to the Ford and the Brunson side, in-laws of the McCalmant.

As for eating I did ok. I seam to use the term "ok" I know there room for improvement in my health habits.
I was shopping at Super one and they were giving pieces of pie away and of carouse I had to have 2 pieces.
The type doesn't matter.
Breakfast I started with french toast and sausage patty.
Lunch was open face chili burger.
Dinner was chicken, rice, and carrots.
Popcorn and pure fruit bar was my other snack. I better also list the piece of toast I had with butter.

I want to go and see the local human right art show. But I went in town earlier and had my hair cut. It cost me $20 and I gave her a $5.00 tip.
It been snowing most of the day, lightly and it wasn't piled up. Snow that is.

Had to a little juggling with our bill paying. I thought Murphy check was coming next Wednesday. His come on the 4th Wednesday.
We have some medical bills to pay that medicare didn't pick up. Not much, around $500. But $500 can make a different in some people lives.
My pay check was $456 and I'll make four payment to the hospital of over $100. But I had to leave out the doctor on this round of payments. His was only $50 medicare picked up the rest of it. But I will pay him when Murphy social security comes in
I'll put a payment of $90 on the credit card. which takes a good size of hunk out of it. and then we have the water bill of $41.
The rest is to live on.
Murphy Medicare is a lot better then my subsidize private insurance.

As for what I'm doing about work. I don't think anyone knows. LaWalla is waiting to see what benefit she getting from Montana.
Most benefits been cut to a weaken shoe string. And I could complete understand why she doesn't want to drive from Troy over to Bonners Ferry.
But a lot of people drives it.
Both Murphette and Pasty has an interview with the medicaid nurse on the 11th of Feb. I just want about a 30 hour work week.
I'm happy with Carrie, and she now has 17.25 hours. possible more once she has hip surgery
There no sense in worrying about something may or may not happen. Confession time...I'm worried about LaWalla quieting and we sign up all these people with in-home care, and I know I couldn't handle it all my self.
Well if it gets to much I have an ideal stored in my hat.
If LaWalla drops out. I might see if Murphette daughter Annie want to take some of the hours. She expecting number two child end of May.
But who knows about life, and there no need to hang my self.

Coffee is on


  1. I know you're focusing on your healthy, but I really hope you enjoyed the pieces of pie! Writing down what you eat always helps me out the most when I'm trying to be healthier too. And yes, $500 truly can make or break someone's world (like mine!!)

  2. I've been wanting a chili burger but no one seems to serve them here.

  3. Working on family history can be daunting. Not all records are correct. I have a grandmother with two death dates, both substantiated. I gave up, just too confusing!

    Hair cut, I envy you! Mine is layered - growing out and messy.

  4. A small amount of money can mean the world to many people. Large corporations do not realize that, or care. Keep writing that food down - it's what has helped me the most with trying to lose weight. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com


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