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Friday, December 25, 2015

Why Should Christmas Be Perfect

Over the years as people, mostly children becomes older, Christmas change. When Faith and her husband Heinz move up. There was plenty of family to celebrate. Like all families and place things do change.
This year I believe the two younger boys was around ten or so.
They ended up with harmonicas from Murphy and I. Gil seemed to be thrilled about his gift. Actual sounds like he might have natural act for playing it.

 Actual I was a little dis pointed in our family white elephant gift exchange. Not saying all the gift brought was a bottle of booze. Opinion time...a little to much booze. Well I don't want to gripe very much about it. Because I brought two items of booze, one from Murphy and the other one from me. So next Christmas I'm only going buy one item of booze, and something non alcoholic.
As for our gifts we brought home was some glasses, which we didn't need. So they will be re-gifted or place in our yard sale.
The other one we got is a pint of blackberry brandy and some chocolate kisses. Actual I like about a shot glass of brandy in the cold evening months.

Not sure what is about this stage of life. Usual it seem like the Freshman and Sophomore high school students have this snotty attitude they carry about them.
My niece Quincy has one daughter who is Anna a freshman of course. Was told that she was to be home for the family celebration.
But for some reason the family couldn't under stand this, and took her children to Spokane and Anna. Actual if this family actual should of took Anna home before they left to Spokane.
Question time...Does anyone set bounds with there kids these day? I did set basic bounds for both of my sons.

For a holiday eating I believe I'm doing ok. Set a goal for sweet last night, five pieces and only had three.
This afternoon we're going back to Murphy sister place, and having prime rib roast. Actual I was hoping someone would get a beef roast. Well I know it's out of our price range.
No one ever said anything about me collecting a gift bag or a little bit of wrapping paper. But by some looks on there face they thought being possible green is a little nutso.

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  1. I've already re-gifted two of the things my daughter sent me.

  2. Bill...I've picked up gifts at second hand stores...Looks like quite a bit is sitting in front of one in Bonners Ferry. Will check it out before Wednesday

  3. Mmm, blackberry brandy sounds tasty. I have never had it, but it sure sounds good.


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