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Monday, December 28, 2015

It Been A While

Been doing some research to see what is being offer in cloth diapers these days. My daughter in law once mention she was considering using cloth diapers.
In my day they did have disposable diapers. But nothing like pocket ones I been seeing on the net. Mine was white, plus you had the safety pins and plastic pants.
Don't recall what they cost.
But there always been cheaper then disposable. Opinion time..Using cloth diapers are more environmental friendly.
    The main reason I used cloth diapers because it was more economical. But if I went any place with baby I took disposable ones.
Now they offer Eco friendly diapers.

All the gifts are delivered. Still waiting for one more. Kept my sweets in checked today. Weigh in and over the holidays I hope it no more then one pound gain.

Coffee is on

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