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Sunday, December 06, 2015

Did I Forget

I thought or forgot that I was going to stay on track when it came to eating. Today our local pagan group, Spairfitera had there monthly coffee and chat.
Don't worry we haven't yet had to cast any spells on anyone. And none of us as far as I know have a big ole wort on their nose.
Just a group of earth worshipers having a few laughs.
We even brought up the ideal of possible having our chat at HEART ROCK WINES after the year year start.
Confession time...I had an hot fudge sundae.

Quite a few people I know had lost a good 20 pounds (9.07) and I keep stuffing junk in my month. When I order it and it wasn't like last Monday. When I told Murphette she wasn't to plug in here any more.
I don't like being mean, but on the other side of the coin I don't like being crap on. Hopeful this way she will take action and find her self a place.
I don't know if her therapist got to her or not. But she is bad mouthing people a lot less. Not saying she isn't doing it.
Oh I'm not stupid. Since I told her she isn't to plug in here. I figure she said some nasty crap about me.

As for the rest of my eating. Breakfast potatoes, eggs, and little bit of cheese on the potatoes.
Lunch some chili and grill cheese sandwich.
Dinner was a london broil, bake potato, and with a dab of butter. Also an green salad with raspberry vignette dressing.
Finish off with half of an orange.
Did get my 16 oz of hot water before nine this morning and continue drinking hot water though out the day.

Well I was going to drive down to our post office in Bonners Ferry and look at the flat rate boxes. So I can mail a yule gift to Sawyer, Betty, and there fur babies.
Plus I can't find my gift tags, and I know I was getting low on them. Safeway had some I liked.
Didn't get to either place, and not sure a flat rate box will be the best way to ship. The package will weigh around 10 pounds (4.5)

Murphy and I went over to his niece Quincy, his sister Faith middle child. And took her some shallots.
She was hanging garland around the place. She said "she real likes garland" and gets most of it from the thrift stores.
She hasn't got up her tree either. we don't either.
The corner lot by Car Quest want around $50 for a tree and I heard "Yokes" in Sandpoint is around $30 a tree.
But my niece point out a couple of trees plant for a landscape project would make excellent yule trees. I had to agree with her.
Well my niece lost quite a bit of weight. Anther one who drop more then 20 pounds.

I got the gifts going to MEDFORD OREGON wrapped, most of them. The little odds and ends I'm not going to wrap. I'm just tossing them in the box. Things like band-aids every one could use some.

Finely lit my candles for the wind nativity set. I'm trying to figure which angle would be best to set the fans.

Coffee is on


  1. Antipasto..... That is a new word for me.

    Geez, trees cost too much these days.

  2. None of us like wars but we are free because of those that serve, and it is Pearl Harbor day.


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