Saturday, November 07, 2015

It Isn't Worth Dealing With

One thing I just don't need to deal with in our yard sale is clothing. So today I went though the small bedroom closet.
Found some of my son tee shirt which was majorly stain, toss them in the rag bag. The coats, and cover hauls all went to a thrift store.
Also went though a dresser which is filled with gift bags and such.
I'm who recycle my wrapping papers. But I do have and over abundance, so I send some also off to the thrift store.
As I was saying I was working on the closet. Came across this box had no ideal what was in it.

One time I went though all of my mom pattern. My mom was quite the seamstress, made about everything. Including her own pattern.
In that very box was a bunch of patterns, some even price at quarter a piece.
 I thought her pattern making kit was all gone. Looks like here is a COMPANY makes the same thing. I believe I need some PATTERN PAPER and look like amazon is best price.

As I went to town and do a few errand. Murphy stayed home and burn some of the limbs and bush from the paper birch we fell.

Got my secret sister gift in the mail today. Love the happy face stickers, came from TUTTLE Oklahoma.
Haven't finish mine yet.
  I should give my self around of applause I haven't yet ate any cookies. Maybe not so fast. Just remember I got a snack size of mm when I got gas in my car.
Oh I thought I was doing so good, almost.
But my water intake is improving.

Coffee is on


  1. That must have been a good feeling to get things out of the closet and get organized. I love that.

  2. We, my hubby and I, have been doing the same...recycling just about anything and everything :) We give it all to our neighborhood thrift stores...all of "the stuff" that we just don't use or need anymore. We just went through a ton of Christmas decorations and donated them to the Salvation Army. All were in good to new condition. We just hoped that it would help to make someone's Christmas brighter.

    Don't feel bad about that little treat bag of M&M's. Did you know that a "little" chocolate helps to make us feel better...lifts out spirits a bit :)

    Great news that you found your mom's patterns. I know that feeling. I recently found the only photo of my dad and I together. It was taken not to long before he passed-away. I thought it was gone for good. I searched and searched and then one day I went through an old wallet that I was going to throw away and there it was!!!

    Have a lovely Sunday, Dora~

  3. You're setting us all a good example, Peppy, by being persistent in your attempts to trim down and simplify! It's good to see your efforts rewarded by the discovery of your mother's patterns. My own mum was a seamstress, too. She cherished a gigantic old Pfaff sewing machine because it could handle Dad's heavy work overalls. When we cleared out the old farmhouse, I noticed the younger man of our team of farm lads admiring it. He was delighted when I offered it to him (he'd hoped I'd accept an offer of $5 - his lunch money) and he and his brothers scooted it out to their trusty, rusty pick-up and covered it up with a tarp. Later I learned his wife was making house-keeping money using it to make drapes and slip-covers out of bedspreads from Goodwill. My mum would have been so pleased!

  4. I had spent a lot of this summer helping my mother in law to downsize - due to her health we (my husband and I, her daughter, some other relatives, and a person we hired) did almost all of it. We thought she had little clutter until we got going and then things just came out of the woodwork - almost literally. I look at my clutter and shudder. But right now, as a caregiver, I have little time. I have to do it, though - I can not leave my son with this job "one day". Alana


  5. When I'm done with clothes they are ready for the garbage can.


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