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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Cheap Risk Taker

   Today my client had her 62 birthday. So her, husband Hershel and I went down to the KOOTENAI INN and played the machine.
I promise her that I would play for a while. It ok at first. Confession time...After a while it gets boring.
Money is tight and so I figure I could loose ten bucks. But I made my money back and plus ten. Cash out for $21.04. The $1.04 I put in the tip jar.
Confession time...I ate dinner over at the spring restaurant, had fish and chips. I should of order something cheaper. 
I don't see my self going back to the casino until my friend Alice birthday. Which is the first part of December.
A good year for the casino if I went and played four times thought out the year.

 Finish anther dish cloth for our kitchen. This one was made out of left over yarn from the dish cloth I been crochet for my daughter inlaws.

Murphy and I wash the windows on the back side of the house.
Plus I clean the toilet, tub and sink today. It was getting fairly gross. I've seen a lot worst case of dirtiness.

 Got the last bit of fabric cut for the crochet rag rug. I'm making for Bart and Molly.
I brought up the ideal of having a ceramic shop with Murphy. Usual when I bring up any ideal. He always thought I mean right this moment.
Guess after all these years of marriage...I learn to say..."I been recently considering the ceramic shop but it doesn't have to happen in next little while".
His ideal and my ideal of where to have it, is complete different.
That ok. I'm willing to listen and compromise. His thoughts and ideals are worth listing to.


  1. Good Morning, Dora. It sounds as if you had a nice time and it is always nice to win.

    My daughter also makes face cloths and dish cloths for gifts. Our family loves them. We believe in handmade gifts in our family and since many of us craft we know the joy of giving something made with love.

    Have a lovely day~

  2. I also find the casino boring. It's been quite a few years since I've bothered with one.


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