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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Not All Bad

Our local Earth Base Faith gathering will be an week early, the 24th instead of 31sst. Opinion time...I think it might take bit of patience for those who are steel in broom closet.....Confession time....It took me a while to even bring up the ideal of starting a local coven here.
I googled “pagan group in Bonners Ferry or Boundary County” nothing.

This week theme will be  PENDULUMS or what every anyone want to bring up. I've never done anything with pedulums.

Finish a dish cloth I believe yesterday. This one I did working back loops only, half double crochet. I believe the next two I'll do will be working the front loops only. In a half double crochet.
Right now I started back on canary yellow dish cloth. I found canary yellow yarn at BEN FRANKLIN VARIETY in Old Town Idaho. They have a great selection of yarns. Maybe a little higher then most places. But there inventory sure out do “Wal Mart”

I real like the look of the “V” stitch. But I only know three basic stitches when it comes to crochet. Single, half double, and double.
I actual like the texture look of these dish rag they say there for a beginner. The PATTERN doesn't look all that difficult.

My health eating needs to get back on track. Last two days I was off do to my “colonoscopy” since I'm on the subject of colons. Well the worst part is the prep the day before. But everything up there looked good, not one pulp.
Dinner was a piece of chicken, cabbage, and brown rice. But before that I snack about during the day.

Coffee is on

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  1. congrats on the clear screening. when we kids who would have thought we'd walk around with smart phones connected to the web and have cameras shoved up our arses? now we just need flying saucers.


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