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Monday, August 17, 2015

Haven't Lost My Touch

      It been a while since I made a pie of any type. Confession time....I have trouble doing cakes. My client want an rhubarb pie.
So I brought a few items form home which they didn't have. Well like I said in my title...."Haven't lost my touch...when it comes to pie.

    Eating lunch been some what difficult. I took my four items but I had some ginger snaps at Regis. My mom made real good ginger snap and she used melted shorting.
I should try to find her recipes on the net.
Breakfast consist of graded potatoes and two poached eggs. Dinner was $1.68 barbecue ribs, cole slaw and with my slaw I like oranges. So I got can of mandarin oranges for I believe was sixty eight cents. It sure add a nice touch to slaw. and a small artichoke from our garden.

Wednesday I'm going to have an colonoscopy. Actual the colonoscopy doesn't bother me. But the prep time does. I have to clean my self out drink Mir Lax. Confession time...I'm so afraid I'll shit my self. So I won't be wondering far.

Gee I wasn't sure when I was going to post my thoughts on CANDIDATE DONALD TRUMP can you believe him. Want to put and an WALL ON MEXICO BOARDER and a friend of mine of face book post this.....during the 1930's the primary political concern was Jews and Homosexuals. Between 1938 and 1945 The Nazis deported more than 7 million Jews, Homosexuals and other undesirables to camps for forced labor or extermination. Today Donald Trump stated that if he is president he will see to the deportation of 11 million illegal immigrants AND their American born children. 
Doing so will create the world's largest humanitarian crisis with nearly 20 million refugees being dumped into Mexico with no money, no means of support and no homes.
Someone please explain how this is different than Nazi Germany in 1935.

I just don't see Candidate Trump making America great. I don't see him offering what left of them middle class.
Question time...who will Canidate Trump find undesirables, once he takes care of the mexican? The Negro, Asian, or possible belonging to the wrong faith.

                              Coffee is on  

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  1. At the moment I still believe that the whole Trump-for-President campaign is one hilarious joke.

    Pleeeeeeeease let it be a joke, dear gods ...


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