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Friday, July 03, 2015

Sticking Head In The Sand

Dear Cup of Coffee.
       I had big ideal today of eating meatless or low meat. Things just didn't work out. I finish up at Carrie.
Head over to Regis to finish up my paper work. Well Patsy was over visiting her brother in law. And she offered me some wine. Those out of the box and of course I had a cup. First time having box wine.
Lawalla was cleaning the windows and slip and bonk her head and knot started to form and I took her in to our local hospital.
Told her to put on ice and in a good week or so she will have a black eye.
Coffee my question is...Who is going to handle the cost for the emergency room? We're contract workers though Idaho Partners In Care, But according to the hospital even contract works have to be covered by workman comp.
It will be interesting to find out.

       My first cousin once  remove Estella is homeless. Laima and Amira daughter. So many Estella is like my friend Murphette.
Regardless how they handle or mishandle there life they are steel humans with needs and wants.
Estella post on facebook read as follow...."Apparently I am no longer allowed to talk about being homeless because it causes embarrassment to my family. So every ones opinion matters more than me! Whatever"

       Coffee it time for me to confess....I sometime feel like I was born to the wrong family. My mom side has very little compassion for those who are down and out. 
I'm not saying there mean to them, they stick there head in sand and no problem or they work then self silly. Same result no problem

Coffee, my mother taught me compassion...shortly before I started school. She told me straight up "If I every made fun of anther person for what they didn't have...My bed room and closet would of been strip to the bare bone and I would be lucky to have a blanket and pillow to sleep with"....I'll tell you one thing I never made fun of someone who didn't have something.

       Short walk and like I said I was planning a low meat day. With LaWalla and the hospital I end up at Deli at Harvest. A Burrito and 4 pepper poppers, Breakfast pancake with peanut butter and 3 slice of bacon. For dinner we had a taco salad and I add blue cheese dressing, my favor dressing.
 I didn't want to confess to my husband, coffee....That I forgot to pick up corn chips and I told him that I was planning to use regular potato. Actual it was a little better then corn chips. 
Last thing I had was some caramel yogurt.


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