weight lost and walking

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pink Folder Up Stair

      Tuesday is weigh in and I lost. Now twice in a roll. My biggest flub up was when I took Carrie into the local food bank and by the coffee they have treats and there sweet ones.
I got an individual chocolate pie...Confession time....Actual it didn't taste all that good, way to sugary and greasy. 
Lunch still is an issue with me. I didn't take enough with or I ate at the wrong time. Well there days I've done better but there days I total fell off the wagon.


Not sure when I'll be starting LOCKER HOOK project. My friend LaWalla does them. One Christmas she made me an trivet to put hot things on. Our tops club has an Christmas party and gift exchange. If there time I might do up an trivet 

Looks like we going to get plenty of tomatoes this year. 

                                        Coffee is on


  1. Those tomatoes look very impressive! We've just got two plants, as we're away so often the slugs get to them too soon! x

  2. wow, those tomatoes put mine to shame. what variety are they?


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