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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Maybe I Got It

         Been sewing strips of fabric together and I don't have enough red thread to finish it off. I sore one spool would of been plenty and even have some left over. "Boy was I wrong"
Well I'll finish sewing what I got left.
          I completed 3 balls of fabric. If all works out I'll start sewing the 4th ball of colorful fabrics. But I still have to cut out the solid turquoise fabric. Which should be easy since I'm keeping the rotary cutter under control.
Confession time...I sure miss Huckleberry variety. Not sure if any of the local fabric store just handle plain red thread.
I know they care the high price thread and not even sure of the quality. At this time I'm not willing to purchase thread for $3.00 or more a spool.
I might run into some fair price thread but next time I'm at Walmart which should be the 6th of August and I'll get and extra spool of Turquoise.

           Some time I'll measure the strips of fabric sewed together. I start to cut more fabric strips for "Daisy" rug.

          Murphy decide that the Sugar Maple needed more room to spread branches out. But at later date or even years the "black cherry" tree has to be sacrifice. For today we trim one side of the cherry tree, next to the "Sugar Maple" 

        So called loosing weight I've seen better days. But I sure can't call it a total lost call. Question time....Did your school lunches of pigs in blanket? Well Murphy made them and they sure was good. I had 3 of them. and pork "N" beans. 
 Back to Breakfast pancake with strawberry rice syrup. and 2 strips of bacon. Dinner pork ribs, beets out of the garden. and plain bake potatoes
Key lime yogurt for a snack.
For exercise Murphy and I move a bunch of stud mostly of 2 by 4. So we could get to some plywood. To make sign for a yard sale. We need to have.

       Gee I need to do an up coming post one political or current affairs event. On un-tether capitalism and two reason why social security disability is falling short. 
                                                                   Coffee is on   


  1. Ah. Hope you find a cheaper place to buy your thread. I used to sew a lot. It's a wonderful pastime.

  2. My Mom loved to sew - she didn't pass on that love to me, though. It's a talent I wish I had. I do crochet, but that is it. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com


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