weight lost and walking

Monday, July 27, 2015

A little Early

     Not sure how my day will finish out, as for weight lost. I have hunch I didn't loose but I've been surprise with the scales.
I know my person challenge for week "Drink 24 oz of water before 9:30 in morning" will be repeated.
Breakfast was 2 eggs and potatoes. Then for lunch I had and cheese and shallot sandwich on multi gran and flax bread. And a banana too.
I bought a piece of twenty five cent candy. "Pecan Caramel" the clerk said it was additive so I had two pieces.
Opinion time....I thought they should had more pecan in them. Even if they put and entire pecan would of been better.
Did mange to get a walk in
Dinner we will have pork ribs and not sure what else.

     Start work this week. Stop over at Regis and Pasty was there. Pasty is Regis ex sister in law and they always got a long.
Both of them our mental ill. Opinion time...I think every one is mental ill to a certain point. 
Well Regis thought or had the fantasy that Pasty and him was going to get married.
Regis main mental disorder is "Schizoaffective"
Pasty mention she Bi Polar and Obsessive compulsive disorder. But I also think she might even have some type of disorder. She needs or want "drama" in her life.
Hope every thing works out for her.

                          Coffee is on   


  1. Stupid weight thing ... tweaking my food intake to get more protein while cutting calories ... read a bunch of scientific research on the matter, now pumped to start another attempt at weight loss. Even thought I should register at Richard's gym - fortunately my writing classes are using up all my money, but once they are over, next year ... maybe. This frame needs some muscle!

  2. Drama queens are a pain in the butt.


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