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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Two Clock Shadow.

Dear Cup of Coffee.
      Personal I can't believe how hot it is in June. Up to 106 (41.1). Coffee let me state this to you. " Even in August we rarely get up pass 95 (35)"
On the north side of our place we could use anther tree for shade. I been playing with the ideal of where to plant a tree, for sometime now.
From 3 in the after noon it mostly direct sunlight on that side of the house. Plus the kitchen is also there and any cooking it just heat the place right up.

      As you can see Coffee, "artichoke is doing great, Murphy and I had one for a mid day snack" This morning we froze up some beat greens. And cooked up the beet roots.
But also looking forward to doing up some pickled beets. But with this heat I just don't want to can. Well Coffee have you every thought "How hot it most be in old days when they had to cook on a fire"
My mother mother Olive cooked for 10 kids on a wood stove. Cookie the only conclusion I come up with. The place must of been like an oven.
      I'm trying to recall all what I stuff in my mouth. Yesterday my eating was so well on track. Coffee I like most fruits and vegetables. Ate some grapes, rhubarb sauce, lettuce, beetroot and artichoke.
Only had one nut type of bar, it also had some chocolate. Well Coffee "Maybe I should take look what they have in them" 
Pancake for breakfast no syrup but peanut butter, lunch a grill cheese sandwich, and dinner a plain or pretty close to plain, hamburger
      Start to cut out strips for an crochet rag rug. I bought an rotatory cutter. I believe I will like it down the road. Once I learn to use it. But Coffee I need to confess just a little here..."It sure beets using scissors and my hand isn't cramp up with stiffness of any type.
This is my favor yellow color of fabric which will be use for one of my rag rugs. 

Coffee I just have to tell you this. I been quite a history buff and I been doing genealogy for some time now. I just ran into the most usual name. One of my past ancestor her name was "Experience" although not sure if she would be some type of Grandma or Aunt,  And her last name even took me back for a step. Her surname was "Coit"

      Until I post....Peppylady.   


  1. That is pretty warm for up there, running bout 95 down here.

  2. Bill...95 sounds all most cold.


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