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Saturday, June 06, 2015

The Classic Car Brought Me

Wasn't sure were I was going to but this part in my blog. Best thing when unsure is to suck it up and post it.
Our local town of Bonners Ferry had there annual auto show.

At the north end of Bonners Ferry right before you head over the bridge. I would guess there was rally of 1/2 dozen of people with sign. Trying to prevent ISIS coming to Bonners Ferry, or run them out. Well I let you now have your OPINION on this crap.
Opinion time...Looks like they didn't  draw much of crowd, actual they look bored...Statement time...."I hope there cross drags them down" anyhow those Abrahanic faith is sure unfriendly to people kind.

Haven't an clue how many people attends our local car show. But it pretty good. One of our better events.
The car above I believe is a chev. But there was models of car that I never heard of.

Sawyer my son likes jeeps. He had a newer land cruiser but sold it.

But also I notice there was more action at the board walk boutique. An so so called up scale store. Not many local shop there. Most local people don't shop there and they find it pricey. 

Weather been heating right up. So this morning Murphy and I went and worked in garden. Hoed around the tomatoes. Planted pole beans I believe "blue lake" and "Kentucky wonder". Did some grass cutting in and around the flower beds.
Had Murphy trim up one of my roses. It was so heavy it was blocking light to my lilly. 
I'm doing a lot better with my water. Breakfast I finish up the potato just little bit over a cup, and for lunch once again BLT (Bacon Lettuce  Tomatoes) sandwich but on white bread.
Dinner pulled out some pork chops out of the freezer, mash potatoes I add 2% cottage cheese, and applesauce.
I've been having meals on smaller plate, not the dinner size plate.

Coffee is on


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  1. Well, I don't see much point in commenting on idiots. Let them bore themselves standing around with signs - so long as that's the worst of it.

    I see the vintage cars roll by for the local car shows, but I've never actually gone to one. Not really my thing.

    My garden is still just barely getting off the ground. We've been a little chilly for it until just this week.


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