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Friday, June 19, 2015

Less Then 24 hours It Will Be Summer

This is the artichoke we winter over. As you can see it has quite a few chokes on. Maybe the correct term would be "fruit"
One year, and I'll take wild gander it was 3 years back. That we did so well with our artichokes that I even got tired of them.
But Murphy did place two more out the garden.

Doing ok so far this week. Dinner had taco salad,with my favor dressing "blue cheese" lunch can't say it was high in food value but it was tasty spaghetti noodles with Ketchup. Not sure how my work schedule was going to be and I brought my self an veggie wrap using lentils for my main source of protein. Breakfast was pretty much straight forward: scrambled eggs and toast.
I'll finish up with some angry orchard and possible some popcorn.

Did get my walking and was back before quarter til eight. Notice the wild daisy out in the open space.

Even before the walk I help Murphy grease under our pick up. Turning the wheels were every he want them.
At times it took 3 hands.
Well for a while the pick up had this rubbing sound. He notice the boots was ripped. So Wednesday we have an appointment to get it fixed.
My car is got an issue. I guess we all have our issue and why can't a car have theirs. Here what it doing. When I come to an stop and when I accelerate the RPM goes up to around 3000 to 5000 before it drops back down.
Actual my client Regis is pretty sharp. I know I'm going to murder the spelling. He suggest the "modjalator indignation"
What is your thought on this?

Yesterday I went and had my physical. My weight down from the last time I was in there. I don't see a doctor maybe 3 to 1 time of year.
I was a little hesitant about going. Last time I was in there she got on me about my weight and that didn't bother me. It true I'm over weight. But when she knew the reason I was overweight. "Telling me that I just ate junk-food"
Being false accused of something it just sits me off. Statement time...I do eat junk food but I surely don't eat it on a consent bases.
My father assume the worst about me and quite off accused me of quite a few things.
This time my visit to the doctor went a lot better. If I had the same experience I was going to change doctors.

I was down in my weight, blood results she said was A+, blood pressure, pulse, and temp all in a normal range.
Breast exam all good. But I need to go and have my booby smash in mammogram.
Also we talk about a few prevention steps and I need to take a look at my insurance to see if they will cover such things as colonoscopy, and shots for hepatitis A and B, and the shingles.
I brought up the ideal of having a breast reduction done. I wear an H cup. Bras aren't easy to find. I just can't get them off the rack.
blouse mostly can be an challenge to find ones that fits. I'm not all that big in the shoulder. For me to fit in the shoulder I usual take an small to and medium. Then I can't get it to fit in the bust area, can't button them.
For me to button them I need to a large to X large.
So she going to recommend me to have an bust reduction on ground of bone structure and stress related. Confession time....when I go to buy blouse and I can try on quite a few of them and usual they don't fit. I want to just cry.
Quite please with my health and where it going.

Heading up to Smith Lake to celebrate the incoming of SUMMER 

Coffee is on



  1. Hello and thank-you for popping in to visit me! Intrigued by the 'angry orchard' - no idea what this is, but hope it's nicer than it sounds? And that your trip to Summer goes well.

  2. Alexa..Angry Orchard is company that makes "fruit beers"

  3. Thank you for droping by my post enjoyed reading yours looking forward to reading some more when I find the emaillink on your page

  4. Beautiful artichoke!
    I get my bras on line - FF/G cup here

  5. Oh and happy summer solstice!!


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