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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer Celebration

As many of you all ready know I'm eclectic Pagan. Every town have there pagan people but usual there in the broom closet.
I've kept my ears open for a COVEN in my area. But didn't hear of any. A friend of mine and I decided to start an Earth Base Faith.
She came up with the name of She came up with the name of Spairfiterea, after all the elements.

We're holding our first celebration to welcome of "summer"

Summer Solstice aka LITHA
We will be having a late afternoon potluck, ritual, socializing (of course), and drumming.
Place: Smith Lake North of Bonners Ferry
Date: June 20, 2015
Time: 3:00 til it ends or we get thrown out....late
Hosted by: Spairfiterea 
So if anyone wishes to come out earlier than 3:00 the company will be welcomed.
Potluck luck delegations:
G-M....main dishes
S-Z.... Oh Crap that's what's been forgotten.
Paper plates, silverware, and firewood will be provided.  

Haven't done my nails in multi colors since I might of been in high school.
I've been told "non nice girls" when doing there nails does it only in one solid colors. Being good bores me. 

Still haven't been perfectly behave when it comes to eating. 
Took Carrie and stop at Sandpoint drug store and picked up her medication 
and I got some blank note cards so I can write to my pen pals.
Also got a little stick of caramel chew.
Then when we was at "dollar tree" Carrie bought me a ice cream sandwich.
The rest of my eating been "thumbs up" been light on the meat today. Main source of protein been lentils  which put in a wrap with mixture of veggie and fruit.

Off to the doctor for my annual physical.

Coffee is on   


  1. Have a great Friday!

    Noodle and crew

  2. Love the rainbow bad gal nails and your weekend plans! Wish I could join you! x

  3. I remember when I was in junior high and painted my nails blue ONCE. My dad said it looked like something a hooker would wear. Guess what color my toenails are painted now??? Yep, blue! I love that there is no longer such "oppression" on fingernails. :-)


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