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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

It Was A Shocking

It been a while since I wrote to any of my pen pals. I been getting some great deal on cards. I got a few package at Huckleberries variety store. 
But today the clerks was packing up items. Although not much left but I did mange to find a few items. At 75% off.
I put a bug in the owners ear about donating the items to the food bank and hope house. But she was going to contact an liquidation and see if they would buy her merchandise. She still have an loan out against it.
But she would consider it.

I might as well tell you I was shock when I got on the scales at T.O.P.S and I was up. Monday during work I ate more carbs then I should of.
To many cookies.
The week I lost I had only one day that week I ate junk. Then one day I ate pretty much meatless. Well the rest of the time I kept it in check.
Breakfast I had fried pototoes with green peppers and two eggs.
Lunch, I brought my lunch a half piece of toast with peanut butter, can of sardines and a banana. Well I ate this at Super One. I got my self an coffee and ice cream. Less then two dollars. I just didn't feel right sitting in deli not purchasing something. But I could of got something more healthy. But I decide this was going to be my "junk food day" The other piece of crap in food line would of been a pkg of M and M's
Now it time for dinner I had barbecue pork ribs, rice with soy sauce, and a salad the lettuce and the snow peas (pods) came out of our garden.

During N.P.R I cut out more fabric strips for the rag rug I been crocheting. It for our dog "Daisy" 
The other day at work Carrie and I finish up going though her linen shelf. I end up with two top sheet to use for rag rugs.
The gold has an stain on it. The flower set on edge is a little rag it. But it still will work for an rag rug.
This after noon I took out six boxes of package of Capri Sun and Kool Aid out to the Hope House out in Moyie area.
Every Tuesday in the summer time they serve lunches and also give away a believe is gallon bag of items such things as individual package of oatmeal, cheese crackers, fruit cups and other little handy snacks.

I was talking to my friend LaWalla and the lady in the next apartment her family is homeless. I guess a few of them work up at CLIFTY and I haven't heard of anyone making over $10 and hour there. It seasonal work and each year you have to re-apply and this way they feel they don't need to give you an raise.
Both of my son work as water off and on though high school. They learn if they want to see higher income they need to leave North Idaho and go to state that isn't RIGHT TO WORK STATE.

Coffee is on

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