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Sunday, June 07, 2015

Haven't Touch For A While

Been a while since I crochet which I thought would be a blanket for "Daisy" our dog. But now I'm not sure what it will be. Today I add some canary yellow, black, red and steel grey.
One thing I can tell you some how I need to even out my edges. But I'm in thought of how the colors and texture will play out.

Mostly been cutting strips for my rug rag. Which will go to Daisy. It actual makes my hand sore from cutting the strips.
I learn it would be better to use a rottery cutter on a cutting board.
When it comes down to making my sons and there wives rug. I'll be starting it with 2 inch strips.
Isn't making mistakes a wonderful teaching tools.
Got 3 balls as you can see in this photo. Even mange to get more strips cut.

Murphy and I hung my wind whirley thing. Actual my hubby came up with the ideal of stringing a fishing line, heavier tess between 2 snags, and tying it on. At first he want to hang it in a tree down in gully.
But then he came up with hanging it between the snags. Actual it quit nice there.

My lilies in my hodge podge bed is doing something. Faith who I use to drive around gave me a start. The plant wasn't doing very good until the rose bush behind had a major hair cut.
Well a few things got planted out in the veggie garden in the morning. Zuck seed in the northwest corner, some short roll of okra, clintro, and fennel.
Did some grass cutting in my flower bed, Once I get this post up. I'll be heading back out to do some more.

Eating I seem to eat a lot of white flour. BLT for breakfast, Lunch and dinner I had small burrito. One was shrimp and the other was a beef.
I bought a dark chocolate with cherries and had to chunks out of it.

Coffee is on

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