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Friday, June 12, 2015

A Dairy Full Of Sugar

Every since a little after ten this morning my sweet tooth been acting up. Confession time...All of them have been maybe my two in front hasn't.
But so far I think I kept in tact. I did get a fudge cycle and a piece of peppermint patty for a dime. On the way home I bought and apple.
Hoping that would stratify my sweet craving. But it seem to be hanging on.

Well my other two meals. Breakfast 2 eggs and potatoes. Then for dinner Brats, spinach, and mash potatoes. I put Ketchup on my potatoes.

One of my coffee pals is offering a GIVE AWAY Since one can shop on the net. It amazing what one might find. Well didn't you know that BLIPPO  is offering sweets. Maybe I should get out the credit card and buy some. I know if I did I would have such shame. Going up stair and getting some sweet I might have guilt but not shame.

The other day I add anther coffee pal, VINTAGE VIXON. A second hand shopper. I been super careful when I go into a thrift store. Got quite a few thing in boxes marked "yard sale"

Last thing I'll mention the book I got to read. THE DAIRY OF ELLEN RIMBAUER . Not sure if it actual someone dairy or just a story.

Coffee is on    


  1. I am a veteran of the armed forces of this great country. I served so you can put ketchup on your potatoes if you want too! ha ha ha This is the United States of America! We eat pie and cake and cookies because we deserve them. We are free to go out and buy bigger clothes with stretch waistbands which is what I chose to do or diet if we want to! But it is about free choice of the individual, not having someone else tell you what to do. If you chose to get some candy, I will defend that decision with my dying breath~ ha ha ha ha ha

    Carry on!

  2. Thanks for the mention. Potatoes (mashed or fried) have to be served with ketchup, it's the law in this house! x


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