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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

One Minute Ying and Yang

This morning I went for a walk in a different neighborhood up by Grandview Cemetery.
One of our challenge for T.O.P.S is to walk 30 minutes a day, and I like to chance things up a bit. I do take my camera when I go to a different place.
Well today I walk up Aspen street. There was this paranoid grouch and he told me I was trespassing. I wasn't on his property; I was on a city street. Then he ask me why I had a camera.
First I inform him I wasn't on his property that I was on city street. Then I told him I like taking photos. And insured him that I wouldn't take a picture of him or his place.
So I continue my walk to the end of the road and back down to my car, about 20 minute.

The old asshole watched me the entire time...Statement time...I'm tired of these MISFIT Californian moving up here. With there nutty ideal. What I've seen most of the are ultra conservative (NAZI)

I didn't get my 30 minutes in. So I drove up to cemetery and walk around the back edge on the west side.

Took Regis to see his doctor in Sandpoint. He is my newest client. His pain pills wasn't working. So the doctor put him back on Morphine.

We stop in a Super One in Sandpoint to get his prescription filled and I bought him and I a kid ice cone for .25¢
I had every intention to just have the cone and I bought my self a package of 3 oatmeal cookies. The old asshole up set me and I let it get to me. But I only ate one of the cookies, and the other two are out in my car.
Dinner was a little earlier then I like. So before seven I'll have a piece of toast with peanut butter.

Murphy planted quite a few tomatoes today. He had to steak and tie them. There is usual a breeze blowing.
And things get blown over fairly easy. 


  1. If you want weird move to Texas, I've been having a hell of a time here, but things are getting better.

    Hope things are going well for you.

  2. Bill...Glad you made it safely down to Texas.

  3. We get those Nazi types around here, too. Not all are from Ca, but more than enough. I think the state motto "Get Lost (then in tiny print 'in Montana')" might be directed at them.


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