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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mid Week

Drama in my life is basic non existing. My claim to  life is "my life is uneventful" so my blogs aren't all that exciting.

My weigh in was yesterday. I was up a 1/4 pound. I know briefly I mention about our present challenge. Here is what we need to do...keep a food journal, 30 minute of cardio exercise, 64 oz of water, healthy breakfast, clean eating (No white sugar or flour), no eating after 7 pm, and personal success.
Each is assign a point value. Also a weekly point which I'll post later.
So each meeting we put fifty cent in the pot and we earn a tickets which we have our names on. At the end we draw a name, if that person lost any weight you win the pot.
The pot is usual between 20 and 30 dollars.

I have to say my breakfast wasn't all that healthy. had fried potatoes, and eggs. I guess it little better then a doughnut. But I feel I can't mark a "healthy breakfast" this time.

Yesterday between job and appointment. I went over to our local library to make up our flyers to post around town about our next general gathering.

Today I'm taking Carrie to Sandpoint for a doctor appointment and hopeful I find time to take a walk.
It sort of blustery day and I'm taking an umbrella.

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  1. i've started eating oatmeal for breakfast. boil a some water then toss in some quick oats and a handful of raisins. healthy and the raisins satisfy my sweet tooth.

  2. I too like oatmeal and add little walnuts for protein.
    Coffee is on

  3. Those kind of prizes might be a good motivation but if you gained any weight the week your ticket was picked - well, I would hate myself! It's so hard to change eating habits. I know; I struggle with it daily although I've been a Weight Watchers success story. (It's hard, and you have to keep at it for the rest of your life). Weight Watchers, by the way, assigns zero points to fresh fruit. There are some fresh fruits that are fairly inexpensive, but may help fill you up (such as apples). Good luck!

  4. Thank you Book worm...I'm total shock I got this heavy. I wasn't a heavy child. But if you don't loose and your name get draw, you don't win the cash.

    Coffee is on


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