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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Half Hour of Life.

Yesterday Murphy and I took a trip to Spokane to visit Bart and Diane. We went to her parents place on the south end of the Spokane Valley.
Bart and Paul was trying to keep up on some orders for there camping furniture. But all five of us went and looked at some places Bart and Diane is thinking of buying.
Out of the three places we looked at this is my favorite one. It has little over five acres. The house is has five bedrooms and asking price is just under $140,000
There was two other places we looked at one was a piece of property near this house. The place was near  HAUSER, IDAHO.
The place in Hauser has just under five acres. With modular home on it with a lot more issue with it then the older home above. Confession time..I'm a fan of older farm houses I love those big front porches....Statement time...personally I would take out the five bedrooms and make it a 2 or 3 bedroom place.
But it up to Bart and Diane what they purchase and live in.
We got home last night shortly before eleven at night.

The two trees been blooming white flower and now there starting to shed. My lawn is looking like a covering of snow from the pedals.
But these trees flowers sure has a nice smell to them.

My yellow tulip. Sure don't have many this year. The darn white tail been getting them.

Since my sleep is off I been pretty much doing things that doesn't take much effort on the old brain cells.
Like a load of colors.
I want to stop in at a fabric store to pick up 3/4 of two different cotton fabric of yellow. I'm making my son and there wife some rag rugs. At this time I've been purchasing the materials. But never gotten a chance to stop in a fabric stores.
So today I been crochet a dish cloth a simple double stitch.
Sewed some strips together for our dog "Daisy" rag rug.

The dryer is done.

Coffee is on


  1. Cute house and amazing price!

  2. Hello, and thanks for stopping by. I'd pick the old farm house over the modular, too.
    Do you weave? Is that how you will make the rug?

  3. Joanne...No I haven't tried weaving. I should put that on my bucket list. I'm crocheting the rag rug.


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